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Press Conference & Rally Speak Out At Wendy Paskin-Jordan’s Office
Date 15/01/03/16:46

Press Conference
1/5/15 Rally Speak Out At Wendy Paskin-Jordan’s Office
No More Crooks And Thieves In San Francisco Employees
Retirement Service SFERS
Wendy Paskin-Jordan- Get Your Greedy Hands Out Of Our Pension Money Now!
Monday January 5, 2014 at 4:00 PM
Paskin Capital Advisors, LLC
655 Montgomery Street Suite 1410
San Francisco, CA 94111

Wendy Paskin-Jordan is an executive and is the majority owner of Paskin Capital Advisors, LLC, a $627M RIA based in San Francisco, CA. She is also has been using her position on the board of the City and County of San Francisco Employees Retirement System SFERS with $20 billion to push for investments in deals that she has an interest in. Now her crony and pal SF Mayor Ed Lee has appointed her to another 5 year term knowing that she has financial conflicts of interest in her self dealing using her position.
While she has been on the board, she has used her position to get special favors from hedge fund speculators and also used fund money to travel on business for her multi-billion dollar hedge business. She also lied about her conflicts of interest when voting on decisions affecting pension investments of tens of thousands of pension plan members.
The pension board under former mayor’s Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom and now Ed Lee has been packed with speculators in the management and the board who want to turn the pension money over to hedge fund speculators and they have even hired a hedge fund speculator to give them advise on where to put worker pension funds where there is no transparency by law. Even the environmental movement and are against Paskin-Jordan who wants to continue to invest in the oil industry and refuses to divest the pension money out of these industries despite even a vote of the Board of Supervisors.
At the same time, these hedge fund speculators have the support of the Police Officer’s Association POA and the International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers Local 21 and it’s crooked Executive Director Bob Muscat who is also the chairman of the San Francisco Labor Council Public Employees Committee.
Muscat has been attacking TWU 250A transit operators demanding that they take concessions and also demanding that San Francisco city workers pay more for their pensions and healthcare benefits and now he want to support the theft of our pension funds by turning them over to hedge fund speculators. He was a major operative behind Prop C which has cost San Francisco city workers tens of millions in pay cuts that mainly hurt low income workers.
It is time to clean house and the first step is making sure that the crooked hedge fund speculator Wendy Paskin-Jordan does not get re-appointed to the SFERS board for a five year term. The SF Board Of Supervisors under pressure from city workers and retirees and environmentalists have demanded that she appear before the board on Tuesday January 6, 2105 at 2:00 PM to explain to them why she doesn’t have conflicts of interest.

City Workers, Retirees, Public Workers and Those who want to defend the pensions of public workers and the community need to make their voice heard at Wendy Paskin-Jordan’s office to let her know that her corrupt schemes are over at SFERS.

Get The Hedge Fund Speculators and Crooks Out Of San Francisco Pension Board
Stop The Theft Of Our Pension Funds Now!
Prosecute and Jail Wendy Paskin-Jordan And The Other Crooks In The San Francisco Employees Pension Service SFERS

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