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Source Mike & Tara
Date 15/01/30/19:50

The one sided story on the west coast.
The ILWU is raiding union jobs by claiming waterfront jurisdiction. During the inception of containers the ports have grown and many workers have had a hand in it. Machinist (IAM) have been there to do their part. All the machinist do is repair and maintain equipment as per the bargaining agreement. We do a little percentage of the 20,000 jobs the greedy ILWU has. The Teamster The Carpenters and the I AM were working on San Francisco bay waterfront before their was a longhorns union. That's right after following in the footsteps of unions now they push them out. My point being the average longshoreman does not now the truth and their leaders keep them in the dark. The ILWU should support unions not make claims that the IAM is taking their work when they are trying to take ours.

Mike , 25 year waterfront mechanic

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