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Current headlines - LabourNet Germany
Source Susanne Rohland
Date 16/01/10/20:06

News on LabourNet Germany, January 6th 2016
(unless stated otherwise the links lead to German only text)

[Germany/ Amazon] Amazon and Union Busting: How the company reacts on
recent strikes
++ English: Welcome to the jungle – Working and struggling in Amazon

[Germany/ Working conditons] Botanic Garden Berlin: Employee files suit
at labour court for union wage on overtime - call for solidarity

[Germany/ Unions] raison d'etat instead of unionist solidarity?
Prisoner's union criticizes United Services Union ver.di for not
supporting claims of imprisoned workers

[Germany/ Public Services] Precarious at state: more temporary jobs in
public service than in private industry

[Germany/ Dresden/ Antifa] Anti-Nazi-Activist on trial: first beaten up
by police, then prosecuted

[Germany/ Bremen/ Refugees] Call for a rally in remembrance of Laye
Condé, refuggee from Sierra Leone, died in police custody on 7th january
2005 from forced ingestion of vomitives

[EU/ labour migration] "Europe for all": Call for meeting on EU-internal
migrants' struggles on Jan 15/16 2016 in Berlin
++ English:

[Fortress Europe/ Greece] Idomeni/ northern Greece: Refugees have to
wait whole days outside in the cold, heated tends in refugee camps are
forbidden to be used

[Fortress Europe/ Greece] Korinth: Uprising in Camp for rejected refugees

[Fortress Europe/ seclusion within] Spielfeld/ Austria: Push-backs to
Slovenia (but Slovenian authorities help refugees with paper work for
++ English:

[Turkey] In Turkey voters' will count as much as in EU - partnership
against democratic movements
seems natural
contains english links/
++ English info on
Campaign to aid residents of besieged Kurdish provinces
Alawites on hunger strike against AKP’s mass murder of the Kurds
Kurds are being forced out by Turkish forces in Cizre

[China] striking boot factory workers in solidarity with detained labor
activists - rising solidarity around the world as well
++ English info on LabourNet China:
A Growing International Solidarity Campaign for the Seven Arrested
Mainland Labour Activists

[Tunisia] Hungerstrike for democracy: Jobless ex-students against
employment bans
contains French documentation

[Saudi Arabia] Sauds to defend mass murdering: All terrorists. German
police taught how to fight them…
(includes english and french links)

[Poland] Resistance against new Media law - Europe-wide
++ English analysis after rightwing electoral victory

Belgian railway workers on strike
(contains French links)

[France] French state of emergency German-racist like: Pushing for
revocation of citizenships
(contains French links)

Truckerprotest in Russia (review)

Financial capitalism stiffles democratic development

[Germany] Struggle for social health care - lost!

A short history of work in practical intention

Michael Hirsch on the apories of current economics and politics

LabourNet Germany:
Treffpunkt für Ungehorsame, mit und ohne Job, basisnah,
The meeting point for all left-wing trade unionists, both waged and unwaged
Le point de rencontre de tous les militants syndicaux progressistes,
qu`ils aient ou non un emploi.

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