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Chicago Teachers And Transit Workers Day of Action
Date 16/03/27/21:30

For Chicago April 1 "Day Of Action" Teachers and Transit Workers Unite

April 1, 9:30am

Where: North Park CTA bus garage

3112 W Foster Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

PICKET LINES MAY BE PUT up around the city’s schools and universities in an April 1 “Day of Action.” The Chicago Teachers Union CTU is without a contract and will be taking work action throughout the city.

Chicago transit workers will be joining teachers and other workers and community members in a public speak-out, press-conference and solidarity rally outside the North Park Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) North Park CTA bus garage at 9:30 AM
They will demand the rehiring of fired ATU 241 bus driver, steward and Executive Board member Erek Slater and a contract and end to union busting by Mayor Emanuel Rahm's MTA management.
Transit Workers will also be welcoming trade unionists from Korea and other countries who will join the rally and speak out for union/labor rights and against privatization. Join us!

6:30-8:30am: Roosevelt high picket line (a few blocks away from the garage)
3436 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
9:30 solidarity rally at North Park CTA bus garage - International transit worker speakers
3112 W Foster Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
10: 00 discussion at a restaurant next to the garage between transit workers, international transit workers and allies
12 noon demo at North Eastern University (strike) (a few blocks away from the CTA garage)
5500 St Louis Ave, Chicago, IL 60625
Afternoon downtown mass rally (details not set yet by CTU)
6:30pm Labor Notes – Meeting with international transit delegates before the labor notes international meeting Hyatt Regency Hotel O’Hare (8pm)
Red Bar and Lounge

For more information
Community Defense Committee For Union Steward Erek Slater!forum/community-defense-commitee-for-union-steward-erek-slater
(773) 892-6240

Endorsed by
United Public Workers For Action
Transport Workers Solidarity Committee

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