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War, Labor, Trump, NAFTA and The Border Walls
Source Steve Zeltzer
Date 17/02/18/01:54

SF Rally Feb 17 Cancel NAFTA-SF Meeting Feb 18 War, Labor, Trump, NAFTA and The Border Walls
What Are Working People Facing And How Can They Defend Their Jobs, Lives and Families? Time To Use Workers Power!

February 18, 2017 2:00PM
518 Valencia St. near 16th St.
San Francisco

The growing contradictions in capitalism, US trade wars and military moves toward world war are growing. The use of NAFTA to attack Mexican and Latino workers in the United States with ICE is escalating while US multi-nationals who own plants on both sides of the barder are busting unions and want slave labor like in San Quintin Baja where 80,000 indigenous workers and their families toil for Driscoll's Berries.
The rise of racist fascists who are organizing nationally are a direct result of this crisis and again raises the question of what working people and labor can do to fight back.
The massive attacks on public workers, pensions including defined pensions for all workers is now combined with the effort to have open shops nationally with 29 states already have "right to work" laws.
The Democrats at the same time are pushing for surrounding and attacking Russia while Trump wants to militarize the rest of the world threatening working people internationally. This forum will look at the growing attacks on Mexico and why NAFTA should be cancelled. It will also look at how we can unite workers in Mexico and the US and fight politically for a party for working people against continued support for the bankrupt Democrats.
We will also look at the attack on public education, privatization and the role of Education unions in supporting some charter schools while facing Betsy DeVos and what this now means.
It is time to go on the offensive.
Al Rojas, Co-founder UFWA
George Wright, UPWA, Professor
Kristyn Jones, UTR Activist Against Charters Privatization
Ricardo Ortiz, Activist in Solidarity With Puerto Rican Workers
Fatima Garcia, LCLAA Sacramento
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Sponsored by United Public Workers For Action
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