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The War On Workers And Worker Voices From Champaign, Illinois Labor Conference
Date 17/04/06/01:52

Videos From Workers Conference In Champaign, Illinois

Education Workers At University Of Ilinois Urbana/Champaign Speak Out For Worker Rights And Against Union Busting
University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign education workers spoke out against the attack on workers, their living conditions and the fight for union rights against the management and Illinois governor Rauner. This took place at a meeting on the Fight to Protect Public Services, Transit and Public Education and Building a national/international solidarity network.
Participants in this panel included:
Natalie Tate, GEO/Graducate Employees AFT 6300
Andrea Herrera, GEO/Graducate Employees Union
Eva Rogaar, GEO/Graducate Employees Union
Nadja Robot AFSCME 3700 U of I Clericals Pres
Kate Emmert, NTFC Local 6546 Non Tenured Faculty Association AFT
Aron Ammons, SEIU Local 73 President U of I CU
The conference took place on March 25, 2017.
For more information on the unions.
I.F.T / A.F.T. Local 6300
Non Tenured Faculty Ass. AFT IFA AAUP 6546
The conference was initiated by United Public Workers For Action, War Zone Education Foundation and other trade unionists.
Production of Labor Video Project

The War On Labor, Union Solidarity And Lessons From Our Past
Trade unionists and workers discussed the attacks on the trade unions and the labor movement and how to fight back and defend working people. A midwest conference at Champaign, Illinois on March 25, 2017 was held to bring together workers and trade unionists about the ongoing attack by politicians like Illinois governor Rauner and also the failure of the unions to mobilize to stop the union busting "right to work" agenda that is spreading throughout the United States. There are now 28 states with these anti-labor laws.
They also discussed previous strikes, lockouts and struggles like the UAW Accuride workers and UAW 9 South Bend Honeywell workers and the need to have a united workers solidarity campaign to back these workers and fight concession bargaining. Speakers included Mike Griffin, War Zone Education Foundation, Erek Slater ATU 241, Frank Hammer Autoworkers Caravan, Gus Wood AFT Graduate Employees' Organization at UI U/C, Aaron Ammons University of Illinois I/C SEIU 73 Chapter Chair, Scott Houldieson UAW 551 VP.
Additional media:
Sponsored by United Public Workers For Action UPWA, War Zone Education Foundation, Illinois Labor Hour, WorkWeek Radio,
Production of
Labor Video Project

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