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Video-Technology, Workers and Silicon Valley
Date 17/08/04/12:19

Technology, Workers and Silicon Valley-Frontline Views From Silicon Valley
The issue of tech, workers and Silicon Valley was the focus of a panel that was part of Labortech on July 30, 2017 in San Francisco. Speakers discussed the conditions of service workers at high tech companies and the issues of
tech workers including those immigrants and their families.
Speakers included
Ruth Silver Taube: Workers’ Rights Clinic at the Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center at the Santa Clara University School of Law
Karthik Ramanathan: Tech Worker
Rebeca Armendariz: Senior Community Political Organizer with SEIU USWW
Bob Emmett: SEIU-USWW member and worker in high tech company in Silicon Valley
Ares Givanas, Tech Workers Coalition
The main conference was titled The Internet, Technology, The Gig Economy and the Future of Labor and was sponsored by, and was part of
Production of Labor Video Project

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