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The Dirty Work Of Trump's FedEx VP Nominated For OSHA Chief
Date 17/12/13/00:10

The Dirty Work Of Trump's FedEx VP Scott Mugno Nominated For OSHA Chief By Trump
Scott Mugno who is the vice president of safety, sustainability and vehicle maintenance for FedEx Ground and serves as chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s OSHA Subcommittee has been nominated by President Trump to be OSHA chief. Gary Brent who was a former FedEx Express Tractor Trailer Instructor and Safety Coordinator goes over some of the serious OHSA violations and dangerous health and safety practices of the company under health and safety director Scott Mugno that have led to deaths of FedEx workers and the public who are on the road. Mugno is also for much further deregulation of trucking and health and safety that would put FedEx workers and the public in dire danger.
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