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A union member rants: "I'm Retired"
Source Michael Munk
Date 19/07/06/15:19

I'm Retired
By Todd Smith, c. 2018
American Federation of Musicians, Local 4

What day is it?
I don't know
They're all the same, anyway
Every one is Saturday
Sleep in everyday
I'm retired.

I'll do what I want to
Wear what I want to
Say I don't care when I want to
Got it made, in the shade, dues been paid
I'm retired.

Don't give a damn what you think
Don't give a damn if you raise a stink
Don't give a damn what you say
I've made my getaway
From that workaday rat race
Goodbye to that old workplace
So don't you dare get in my face
I'm retired.

*But now,*
*I've got time*
*For that union picket line*
*For that workday demonstration*
*Doing voter registration*
*Shouting righteous indignation*
*I'm gonna be there on the double*
*Making necessary trouble.*

*Making calls, writing flyers*
*Spreading truth, exposing liars*
*Handing out leaflets, and speaking*
*Up at that public meeting*
*Letters to my legislators*
*With my fellow agitators*
*Posting on social media*
*Research on Wikipedia*
*Calling up that politician*
*Getting signatures on that petition.*

*That's right, *

*I'm still inspired*
*Never too tired*
*Totally wired*
*Can't be fired*
*No where near expired.*

*Damn right,*

*I'm retired.*

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