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Thanksgiving Day in Japan
Date 07/11/18/12:59

November 22, 2006
by Bill Belew

I DON'T EVER remember Japan's Thanksgiving Day ever falling on the same day as American's Thanksgiving day...but I am sure it has.

However, this year it does.

Japan's Thanksgiving Day is called Kinro Kansha no Hi = thanksgiving day for labor...or Labor Thanksgiving Day. On this day, the Japanese express thanksgiving to one another for work done throughout the year.

However, before Labor Thanksgiving Day became what it is now, it was calledjapan thanksgiving day.jpg Niinamesai (Harvest Festival). Many churches have a similar festival.

Niinamesai, according to the Chronicles of Japan (nothing to do with Narnia, okay?) took place in November 678. But, its origins are thought to go back much earlier than that.

During the Meiji Era (1868-1912) Niinamesai (knee nah (me in men) sigh) was set on November 23rd. And doesn't move.

After WWII the day was marked for the fact that fundamental human rights were guaranteed and the rights of workers were expanded.

Labor Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in Japan.

Niinamesai is only celebrated by the Imperial Family.

In any event, for the first time since the last time the 23rd of November fell on the fourth Thursday, Japan will be celebrating Thanksgiving the same day that Americans do.

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