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Fight Has Just Begun Petition

Over the Halloween weekend over 2,500 represented workers of Local 201 IUE-CWA at the General Electric Riverworks Aircraft Engine plant in Lynn, Massachusetts conducted a four day strike over 2 grievances demanding resolutions, which would add approximately 35 jobs. They struck a public blow against outsourcing of their jobs overseas; including critical taxpayer supported defense jobs to unstable regions of the world. They took a stand against unrestrained corporate globalization that pits workers against each other in an ever-widening downward spiral. They captured the attention of the community, politicians, other unions, the press and the public delivering a clear message "Jobs Not Greed!" They received enormous support in the fight for their future and America's future. They wish to thank all of those who participated!

Local 201 President Jeff Crosby said, "The era of GE announcing engine orders at the front gate while secretly shipping our jobs out the back gate is over." Business Agent Ric Casilli stated, "It's a shame that a Company that makes $16 billion annual profit couldn't provide even pennies of relief in jobs to our grievances." With all the military and commercial work they have outsourced both in this country and overseas (Romania, Russia, China, Sweden, Mexico, etc.), it would be easy for them to bring back enough for 20 to 30 jobs to help minimize expected layoffs next January and resolve our issues for the good of the entire community."

Local 201 is now asking for the publics help in getting at least 25 signatures on a petition to our elected leaders calling for: Congressional Investigation and Hearings on all of General Electric's Joint Ventures, Offset Agreements, Revenue Sharing deals, and investment in foreign countries, including but not limited to, those deals involving taxpayers supported defense work and jobs leaving America. Please download and print out the petition, collect as many signatures as possible and return it to the address at the bottom of the form. Once again, thank you for your support!

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