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The right-wing assault on the cities:
Developing a labor response
author of the new "Target San Diego," a report from the Center
on Policy Initiatives about how this assault is working in San Diego and how a
labor/community alliance fought back and passed a living wage law. As a testing
ground for conservative tactics in urban areas, San Diego and other "purple cities"
like Denver, Miami and Atlanta have the potential to swing national elections.
To read report, go to
Cokorinos wrote the landmark study of right wing organizations, "The Assault on
Diversity: An Organized Challenge to Racial and Gender Justice," as well as
Institute for Democracy Studies reports on the anti-feminist movement, Federalist
Society, Promise Keepers and the National Right to Life Committee.
DONALD COHEN is president of the Center on Policy Initiatives. Cohen has 22
years experience as an organizer and trainer in strategy, policy and organization.
As political director of the San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL CIO, he
developed the Labor to Neighbor program that educates and involves rank-and-file
union members in workplace and neighborhood-based issue advocacy campaigns.
MARY BETH MAXWELL is Executive Director of American Rights @ Work, a
nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to educating the American public about
the barriers workers face when they exercise their right to organize. American
Rights at Work is currently getting out real facts about the operation
of the Chambers of Commerce and its mastermind, right-wing lobbyist Richard
Berman. Maxwell previously served as National Field Director for Jobs with Justice.
CECELIA McCALL is Secretary and Legislative Coordinator of the Professional
Staff Congress, AFT, the faculty union at City College of New York. Dr. McCall
expanded rank-and-file involvement in legislative advocacy as she fought the right
over civil rights issues, Open Admissions and academic freedom.
JAMES PARROTT is Deputy Director and Chief Economist of the Fiscal Policy
Institute, a nonpartisan but progressive think tank that focuses on tax, budget, and
related public policy issues that affect the economic well-being of New York State
residents. He previously served as Chief Economist for New York City's economic
policy office under Mayor David N. Dinkins, Executive Assistant to the President of
the ILGWU (now UNITE) and Director of Fiscal and Economic Analysis for the
Office of the State Deputy Comptroller for New York City.
BILL HENNING, moderator, is an anti-right wing activist and VP of CWA Local
1180 since 1982. He also chairs the NY Committee for Occupational Safety and
Health and teaches labor studies at the City College Center for Worker Education.
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