Dear USLAW Affiliates and Supporters:

Response to the call to participate in the April 29 demonstration in NYC from the labor movement has been phenomenal. 
This could well be the largest labor antiwar action ever!

The labor contingent will assemble at 10:30 a.m. on 19th Street between Broadway and Park Ave. South.



If your organization has arranged to charter buses, please register those transportation arrangementsALL buses need to coordinate with Jill, the transportation coordinator at UFPJ.  She can be reached at (212) 868-5545 - or by email to  Provide information on the bus(es), point of origin, type of group - whether labor-only or mixed - name & telephone number(s) (preferably including cell) for each bus coordinator (in case there are last minute changes that need to be communicated to arriving buses).  They will provide information on where buses should park and pick up passengers for the return trip.  UFPJ plans to have bus greeters for each bus, who will supply written packets of info to riders, plus give a quickie orientation.  Bus captains will need to be prepared with decent-sized signs to affix inside bus windows showing the town the bus hails from, and its # for easy-ID purposes when people return and look for their bus.


Labor-only buses should drop passengers to the north of the assembly area on 23rd St., or to the east of Park Ave. on Lexington or 3rd Ave.  (Broadway will be closed off at 23rd.)  Then walk to the assembly area and enter 19th St. via Park Ave. South.  MIXED buses (labor with others) will do their drop-off at 7th Avenue between 18th and 22nd Street, which means that labor contingents on that type of bus will need to walk north to 23rd St, then east on 23rd and then south onto Park Ave South, then turn right (west) at 19th into our assembly block.


Buses will be lined up on Church Street (a big north-south street), which is several blocks west of the Foley Square area where there will be a Peace, Justice and Democracy Festival at the terminus of the march.   People need to be clear about when their buses will be leaving.


The pre-march Labor Rally will take place on East 19th Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue South. Do NOT attempt to reach this block from the west or from Broadway. Approach from Park Avenue South!  Labor contingents will assemble at 10:30. The rally will begin by 10:45 and end at noon.  The march will begin at noon and proceed two miles to Foley Square.  In Foley Square there will be a large number of tents in which dozens of organizations will have literature tables, displays and activities.  There will also be musical performances there.


The Labor Tent can accommodate about a dozen six foot tables. If your organization wants display space, please contact me as soon as possible, but no later than Tuesday, April 25 at 5:00 p.m. EST.  If we get too many requests, we may have to ask some organizations to share space. 

USLAW will, in addition to literature, have copies of the documentary video "Meeting Face to Face: the Iraq-U.S. Labor Solidarity Tour" ( on  sale and will have a monitor set up to show the video.  We also expect musical performances by labor troubadors and other acoustic performance and spoken word artists to take place just outside the tent. 
If you know of groups that want to perform, please let us know. 


This demonstration will cost more than $100,000.  We need your help in raising these funds. Please send contributions for the April 29 demonstration to USLAW (put April 29 in the memo line of your check), 1718 M Street, NW, #153, Washington, DC 20036, or contribute at the USLAW website at


We need a large number of volunteers to perform various assignments during the march and festival.  Each organization should recruit a number of monitors to help collect names and contact information, sign up new USLAW members, collect donations, etc.  When you arrive at the assembly area, have one person report to the volunteers table to pick up monitor identification and assignments. It will be located on 19th near where you enter from Park Ave. South (or monitors will be there to direct you to the table, if located elsewhere).


Bring your union/organization's banner.  Encourage members to wear official union hats, jackets, tee shirts and insignia.  Bring your own signs or pick up placards from USLAW in the assembly area.  Please bring bull horns and your favorite chants.  (If you bring your own signs, do not put them on wooden sticks.  Use only cardboard cylinders, hand carry, or provide string to hang from the neck.)


We suggest you provide participants with bottles of water.

There will be beverage and food for sale from stands in the Festival area in Foley Square.  Chinatown is a short walk where there are many restaurants.

There will be porta-potties in the Festival area.

Please tell us how many people you expect to bring. We look forward to hearing from you soon with reports of expected turnout.


Yours in solidarity,
Michael Eisenscher
National Coordinator
(510) 693-7314 (cell)

Tom Gogan
USLAW Event Organizer
(917) 328-0422
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