From: "Tena - Road Warriors"
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006

Rally for locked out  IBB LOCAL 484

Brothers and Sisters, Please pass this on we want a good showing to help build spirits, unity and to share memories. On the plus side we wish to send a message to corporate that we are going to remain standing strong. Thank you Tena Battefeld

Hog Roast- Pot Luck

June 11th 2006
One year anniversary
12:00 noon
City Park
Rt. 104 Meredosia,IL  Bring your lawn chairs and a side dish
Help the illegally locked out workers celebrate
That they are still standing strong in the face of all the obstacles that face them.
We wish to tell Celanese that we will stay in the fight!
Hope to see you there!
Thanks to all who have supported us.
Contact Local 484 ph 217- 584-1916 fax 217-584-1856 cell

Corporate War in the Heartland

IBBL 484 members need your support

 Locked out since June 5, 2005, this group has been in a battle with a greedy multinational corporation named CELANESE affiliated with NATIONAL STARCH turning this small river community of Meredosia, IL population 1,100 into a WAR ZONE.

 Instead of negotiating in good faith [subject of NLRB charges] Celanese sent in Special Response Corp. specializing in union busting.

 July 6, 2005 Celanese offered a regressive package reducing wages by 33%, eliminating the maintenance dept., reducing vacation time and reneging on issues already tentatively agreed on, no union could accept.

 Meanwhile SRC [Special Response Corp] thugs have harassed families of the Local 484 with their "anything goes" reputation.

 Campaign of terror: videotaping memberšs homes and children at playing in their yards.

 These illegal activities are enforced by the local Sheriffs office and the local judge signed an injunction against the union limiting even more activity by the union and their supporters.

 With the support of the International Union strike fund, Local 484 is valiantly fighting back.

 Rank and file members, empowered by Kelly Street, Pres. and the Executive Board have organized a "Road Warriors" team.

 Road warriors travel the U.S. to raise much needed funds to support the fight and help support locked out families.

 Road warriors carry their message to unions and organizations to raise solidarity by speaking, showing video and literature.

 This group has developed the Adopt-a-Family program, where groups or individuals can help the members stay in the fight, and that family is required to personally contact their sponsor to thank them for the much needed support.

 Here's how you can help: Ask your local treasury for a donation or Adopt-a- Family or both.

 Visit Local 484 in Meredosia to show support at the picket line.

 Invite a road warrior team to a meeting to speak and show a video.

 Pass the hat for their expenses.

 Help build support groups in your community.

 Call your representatives and demand justice for these locked out workers and their families.

 Call Celanese ethics hotline and tell them to return to the table in good faith. 1-866-348-4223.


 Send a contribution to IBBL 484 Solidarity Defense Fund or IBBL 484 Adopt-a-Family Fund P.O. Box 258 Meredosia, IL 62665. Contact Local 484 ph 217- 584-1916 fax 217-584-1856 cell 217-248-8453 e-mail or visit our website at    Thanks.

In Solidarity, Tena Battefeld
Chairman of Road Warriors