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The World is Sickened and Outraged
Take Action Against U.S.-Israeli War Crimes!
National March on Washington, Sat., August 12th!

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This is a critical time and we need to raise $50,000 in the next two weeks. We are organizing buses from all over the country. The buses need to be paid for in advance. We are contracting for sound, stage, porta johns, and paying for posters, leaflets, placards.

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Tens of millions of people around the world, and especially the people of the Middle East, are sickened and outraged by the images coming from Qana, Lebanon, where last night Israeli war planes leveled homes and buildings throughout the village while people slept, killing scores of civilians, including at least 35 children.

This attack was not a "mistake." Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, today made it clear that the people of Lebanon will be bombed so long as Hezbollah exists. By this twisted logic, the Lebanese people are responsible for their own deaths, including the deaths of their own children, at the hands of Israeli airstrikes.

The Israeli military has been supplied with a huge array of weapons by the United States, including the rush order of 5,000 lb. bombs in recent days.

According to the AFP, "rescue workers with only their bare hands clawed through rubble of flattened homes and an underground shelter to find survivors while mothers hugged their dead children in a final hopeless embrace.... Israel, which has received staunch US backing since the conflict began on July 12, unleashed its firepower on Qana after flatly rejecting a UN call for a 72-hour truce to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to Lebanon."

We must organize the largest possible national protest

This is not simply an Israeli assault -- this a joint partnership between the Israeli government and the Bush Administration. We, in the United States, must do everything in our power to build the largest possible mass opposition to this war against the people of Lebanon and Palestine. The August 12 National Emergency March on Washington will bring together people from all over the United States. The White House will be surrounded by a sea of protestors. The August 12 Emergency March was initiated by the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), the National Council of Arab Americans (NCA), and the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation.

Buses from Dearborn, Chicago, New York, and Around the Country

The Congress of Arab American Organizations in Michigan has reserved 25 buses to bring people to Washington, D.C. on August 12. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is mobilizing people to come to the demonstration. The National Lawyers Guild is also calling for its members and supporters to mobilize and attend the Washington demonstration. Anti-war, labor, civil rights  and community organizations, hundreds of whom are endorsing the August 12 demonstration, are in a full mobilization mode to bring buses and car caravans to Washington that day. August 12 will be the single largest demonstration to date in the United States opposing this war. It is crucial that the people of the Middle East and people throughout the world see a huge show of opposition right here in Washington, D.C. and that this government gets the message clearly that we will not stand by and will not support its war against the people of the Middle East.

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This is a huge undertaking and is being done on an emergency basis, and we can only succeed with your generous donation. Last week we announced that we immediately needed to raise $50,000 and we received a tremendous response but have not met this goal. The stage, sound system, port-a-johns, rental of buses, the production of hundreds of thousands of leaflets and flyers, posters, placards and other essential expenses must be paid. We can succeed but only with your help. Please make your donation now by clicking here.

Each bus from New York City costs $1,700. Please try to come to Washington, D.C., but if you are unable to come you can make a real contribution by helping to ensure that others can come. To help pay for buses and transportation costs, click here.

For New York City bus tickets, click here.
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