Major Mobilization Set for April 29th
Issued January 30, 2006

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the kick-off for the organizing of what promises to be a major national mobilization on Saturday, April 29th. Today, each of the initiating groups (see list below) is announcing this mobilization. Our organizations have agreed to work together on this project for several reasons:

Please share the April 29th call widely, and please use the links at the end of the call to endorse this timely mobilization and to sign up for email updates.

April 29th Initiating Organizations
United for Peace and Justice
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
National Organization for Women
Friends of the Earth
U.S. Labor Against the War
Climate Crisis Coalition
Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund

Here is the Labor Call (the General Call follows)
(available in PDF format)

Join a National Demonstration
to End the War
and Turn Our Country Around

Saturday, April 29, 2006
New York City

A majority of Americans say –
End the disastrous occupation and tragic loss of life in Iraq.

           When politicians ignore the popular will –

It’s time for working people to stand up . . .
speak out
. . . and ACT!

WHY SHOULD LABOR SPEAK OUT?  The AFL-CIO and unions like the Service Employees; State, County & Municipal Employees; Communications Workers; Postal Workers; United Electrical Workers; and others representing millions of working people point to –

* A war based on lies that put our troops in harm’s way, killing more than 2200 and wounding and maiming 20,000 more (many of them coworkers and family of union members);
* National Guard and Reserve members taken from their jobs, families and communities for indefinite service (essentially a backdoor draft);
* Veterans’ benefits and services cut at the very time their need is growing;
* A war costing hundreds of billions of dollars has siphoned funds from programs to meet human needs – for jobs, health care, housing, education, infrastructure, care for victims of disasters, rebuilding the storm-ravaged Gulf area, protecting our environment and more;
* Millions of our tax dollars funneled to corporate cronies of the Bush administration and growing corruption in government;
* 100,000 Iraqis killed, a majority of Iraqis turned against us, terrorism spreading, our nation and the world less, not more secure;
* In the name of “spreading freedom,” our own civil liberties are threatened and Constitution undermined; the right to organize is under siege here while being denied to workers in Iraq;
* A war that has served as a smokescreen for a corporate assault on working people and our unions: pensions canceled, jobs outsourced & privatized, plants shuttered, working conditions eroded, immigrants scapegoated, and the social safety we fought so long to create in tatters;
* Tax breaks for the rich, subsidies for corporations, and the shaft for the rest of us.

On April 29, join trade unionists, religious and community groups, civil rights and social justice organizations, environmentalists, students and people from all walks of life to tell the government –
End the War in Iraq! Dismantle U.S. Bases!
Bring All Our Troops Home Now!
Fund Jobs, Health
Care, Education and Housing –
Not Wars and Occupations!

This demonstration has been called by U.S. Labor Against the War, United for Peace & Justice, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, National Organization for Women, Friends of the Earth, People’s Hurricane Relief Fund, and the Climate Crisis Coalition. It has been endorsed by – (list in formation, additional endorsements are invited):
Register endorsements at
AFSCME District Council 47, Philadelphia
Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace & Justice
BMWE-D/IBT New York Local 3068
BMWE-D/IBT Pennsylvania Local 3014
Chicago & Midwest Regional Joint Board, UNITE HERE
Chicago Labor for Peace, Prosperity and Justice
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Communications Workers of America, Local 1032, NJ
Communications Workers of America Local 1081, NJ
Communications Workers of America Local 1180, NYC
Detroit Labor Committee for Peace & Justice
Labor Committee for Latin American Advancement
Martin Luther King County Labor Council (Seattle)
National Organization of Legal Services Workers, UAW Local 2320
New Jersey Industrial Union Council
New Jersey Labor Against the War
Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 1936, Watsonville, CA
Pennsylvania Federation BMWE-D/IBT
Professional Staff Congress of the City University of New York, AFT Local 2334
Pride at Work
San Mateo County Central Labor Council
St. Louis Labor Against the War
Teamsters National Black Caucus
Teamsters Local 808
United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE)
United Steel Workers Local 4-149
United Teachers Los Angeles & UTLA-AFT Local 1021
United University Professions - AFT Local 2190
Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Washington-Orange-Lamoille Labor Council (AFL-CIO, Vermont)

Endorsements by labor leaders with organization for identification
Tom Balanoff, President, SEIU Illinois Council
Noel Beasley and Lynn Talbott, Managers, Chicago & Midwest Regional Joint Board, UNITE HERE
Christine Boardman, President, SEIU Local 73, Chicago
Carmen Boudier, President, New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199/SEIU
John Braxton, Co-President, AFT 2026, Philadelphia
Mike Casey, President, UNITE HERE Local 2, San Francisco
Jim Cavanaugh, President, South Central Wisconsin Central Labor Council
Gerard Colby, President, and Jack Rasmus, 1st Vice President, National Writers’ Union/UAW Local 1981
Donna Dewitt, President, South Carolina AFL-CIO
Jed Dodd, General Chairman, PA Fed. of Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Div. of Teamsters
Mark Dudzic - National Organizer, Labor Party
Allan Fisher, Political Director, AFT Local 2121, San Francisco
Mike Garcia, President, SEIU Local 1877, California
Eric Gill, Financial-Sec’t’y. Treas., UNITE HERE Local 5, Hawaii
Andy Griggs, Board of Directors, United Teachers of Los Angeles
Andy Gussert, President, AFT-Wisconsin
Martin Hittelman, Senior Vice President, California Federation of Teachers, AFT
Katharine Harer, Co-Pres. & Dan Kaplan, Exec. Dir., AFT Local 1493, San Mateo Community College District, CA
Bill Kane, President, New Jersey Industrial Union Council
Steve Kramer, Executive VP, 1199SEIU United Health Care Workers East
Fred Mason, President, MD State and D.C. AFL-CIO
Peter Olney, Dir. of Organizing, International Longshore & Warehouse Union
Milton Rosado, President & Jesse M. Rios, National Exec. Dir., Labor Cmte. For Latin American Advancement
William E. Scheuerman, President, United University Professions - SUNY, AFT Local 2190
David Weiner, President, CWA Local 1081
Joslyn Williams, President, Metro Washington, DC Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Nancy Wohlforth, Co-Pres., Pride at Work, Sec’t’y-Treas., Office & Professional Employees International Union
James York, Genl. Chairman, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
Marsha Zakowski, President, Coalition of Labor Union Women

The most current list of labor endorsers will be posted and updated at
For more information,to endorse this demonstration or make a donation, contact
U.S. Labor Against the War
Website:     E-mail:    
Phone: (202) 521-5265
1718 M Street NW, #153, Washington, DC 20036


A war based on lies
Spying, corruption and attacks on civil liberties
Katrina survivors abandoned by government


End the war in Iraq -
Bring all our troops home now!


Unite for change -
let's turn our country around!

The times are urgent and we must act.

Too much is too wrong in this country. We have a foreign policy that is foreign to our core values, and domestic policies wreaking havoc at home. It's time for a change.
  • No more never-ending oil wars!
  • Protect our civil liberties & immigrant rights. End illegal spying, government corruption and the subversion of our democracy.
  • Rebuild our communities, starting with the Gulf Coast. Stop corporate subsidies and tax cuts for the wealthy while ignoring our basic needs.
  • Act quickly to address the climate crisis and the accelerating destruction of our environment.
Our message to the White House and to Congress is clear: either stand with us or stand aside!

We are coming together to march, to vote, to speak out and to turn our country around!

Join us in New York City on Saturday, April 29th

Click here to endorse this mobilization:
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April 29th Initiating Organizations
United for Peace and Justice
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
National Organization for Women
Friends of the Earth
U.S. Labor Against the War
Climate Crisis Coalition
Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund

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