Shafted Alcatraz Ferry Workers

Demand Justice and Jobs
Picket 10/8/06 SF Pier 33

ON SEPTEMBER 25TH OF THIS year Alcatraz Cruises, part of the notoriously anti-union Hornblower Yachts, took over the contract to run the Alcatraz ferry service using non union crews for the first time since the service began in the early 70's. The unions representing the captains, deckhands, mechanics, ticket sellers and collectors, the Inlandboatmens Union-ILWU(IBU)and the Masters Mates and Pilots (MMP), have been negotiating in good faith with Hornblower owner Terry Macrae for several weeks following months of mostly unsuccessful legal actions. The arrogant Macrae, a friend and supporter of George Bush, insists he will not allow the captains or "senior" deckhands, representing half the workers to be union members. And Macrae insists there will be no union hiring hall or organizing of other Hornblower workers. He also demands that all health and welfare and pension contributions go into his substandard plans rather that the union's solid defined benefits plan.
Hornblower was awarded this contract by Bush-appointed bureaucrats in the National Park Service who are determined to destroy living wage jobs at any cost. This is part of the heightened assault being waged against workers in industries that have been privatized. It can be seen in the rapidly growing gap between rich and poor and the increasing millions without health insurance. There's a general fear that anyone at anytime could be jobless and on the street. But maritime unions have the power to turn this tide employer terror.
For Solidarity Actions to Defend Maritime Workers.
The Hornblower empire is vast and growing rapidly. They have a non union ferry operation in San Diego, right down the coast from the largest port and biggest longshore union in the country. Hornblower is planning a "Super Ferry" inter-island service in Hawaii carrying passengers and cargo. If the Hornblower threat isn't stopped by maritime unions NOW nonunion operations will spread throughout the maritime industry. The only way to fight this onslaught is through united actions of maritime workers in defense of the Alcatraz workers and against this viciously anti-union employer. Waiting for the courts and politicians to deliver justice is suicidal. Employers have ripped up labor contracts guaranteeing pensions and health care with impunity as judges and politicians rubber stamp these robberies!
Workers must mobilize on the streets and docks to defy unjust laws that are stacked against us. It is the only weapon that we can bring us justice. To this end we call on all workers, union and non union, but particularly those in the maritime unions, to assemble at pier 33 on the Embarcadero (near Fishermen's Wharf) at 9 AM Sunday October 8. The Alcatraz workers are calling for a picket and direct action to demand union recognition and the hiring of ALL displaced ferry workers. San Francisco became a union town during the militant 1934 maritime workers strike right here on the Embarcadero. Let's keep it union.

An Injury to One is an Injury to All!
Transport Workers Solidarity Committee