Video: Iraqi Labor Solidarity Tour of U.S.
by Jonathan Levin & Michael Zweig, Center for Study of Working Class Life & USLAW
September 21st, 2005
June 2005
A video documentary

In June 2005 six senior Iraqi trade union leaders toured the United States hosted by U.S. Labor Against the War, visiting 25 cities and speaking to several thousand unionists, peace activists, and others. This documentary captures the energy and emotions of the tour while expressing the important substantive message Iraqi workers want to convey to all Americans: end the occupation; oppose the privatization of Iraqi national resources; and support the right of all Iraqi workers to organize free and independent trade unions.

Play the seven-minute trailer for this documentary. (Download the free Real Player application here.)

Distribution. The finished documentary will be distributed widely, beginning with the networks of
United for Peace and Justice, U.S.Labor Against the War, Code Pink, Educators to Stop the War, and teacher unions and academic associations. We welcome inquiries from other organizations who would use the documentary for education and organizing. E-mail us.

Give financial support to complete the full 27-minute documentary so thousands more Americans can share the rich experiences of this tour.

Meeting Face to Face: produced by the Center for Study of Working Class Life; directed and edited by Jonathan Levin.

Financial Support

Anyone contributing $100 to the creation of Meeting Face to Face: Iraqi Labor Leaders Tour the U.S. will receive a copy of the finished DVD as soon as it is complete. Any contribution of $500 or more will receive on-screen credit as well as the DVD.

(The DVD will have quite a few features beyond the documentary, including complete footage of the July 2005 AFL-CIO convention debate leading to passage of an anti-war resolution, footage of the negotiations among the Iraqis and USLAW leaders hammering out the tour's final joint statement, and footage of the labor contingent in the September 24 anti-war march and rally in Washington DC.)

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