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Letter From A UFCW 588 Member In California
Where Is Our Union Going?
by Doug Slaydon
(special to Labornet.org)
THE CONTRACT Jack Loveall settled for his membership is two-tiered. Thatıs
one source of my complaint. Any one single item of this contract of
take-away items is enough to call a strike.

Example: "step up", an employee of lower grade job classification can step
up to perform journey level duties during days off, vacation, or illness.
So, a meat clerk can perform my job while Iım away. What does that do to the
Apprentice Program? What does that say about how my twenty-four years of
experience is valued?

Wages: new hires will work longer to reach top pay scales lower than before.
On holidays a new hire will earn one dollar per hour ($8/day) as opposed to
double time for Holidays and Sundays 1 &1/3.

Vacation: newly hired will work three at one work week vacation (previously
the first year only), seven years to get three week (old contract five
years), and so on.

Benefits: new hires will receive a $33/year contribution; current employees
have been reduced to $44/year.

This is why I wrote Joseph Hansen that every item (wages, vacation, health,
and retirement) is two tier.

Also the election issue: according to UFCW588.org under UFCW 588 History
page Dec. 1984 "Executive Board UFCW 588 asked Jack L. Loveall? to be the
President UFCW 588: Over the next ten years Local 588 merged five other
locals (916, 498, 532,1532 and Local 127). Did Mr. Loveall merge the terms
of office for these locals into his own? No one Iıve talked to remembers him
running for office.

Now he turns the presidency over to his son Jacques as per "the local
executive board" for the balance of the term of office." How long is this
term? Joseph E. Hansen doesnıt say.

Last: I was shocked that Winco opened a store located on Davis St.
Vacaville, non-union without a response form any union local in that market
area. I picketed the store during their grand-opening day for eight hours
almost by myself. A nice women, Kathy from Ralphıs, held my sign to give me
a break. I carried a homemade sign and passed out fliers I wrote on a word
processor. It was over a week before I received printed signs from my union
agent Eric Brandon.

I continued to picket before work and some hours on my days off. Than a Tom
Pate from the Roseville UFCW588 called me at work to pull me off "while our
legal department reviews your leaflet". He told me he would call me back in
a week, that was before Thanksgiving and he still hasnıt called.

To conclude: Jack Loveall ran a family business as UFCW Local 588 on the
backs of working people and now has handed it over to his son Jacques. Jack
Loveall has violated his fiduciary responsibility and broken the trust
placed in him to perform his office. If Jacques is qualified to do better.
let him run for office. Union business must be performed openly and
honestly. This contract was "ratified" by secret ballot without so much as
a contract meeting beforehand. AS far as Iım concerned there is no oversight
or accountability  at UFCW Local 588.

Doug Slaydon
Rank and File Member UFCW 588

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