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From Unionist To Union Buster!

1/13/06 - Calvin Seimer Hearst Corporation Attorney (San Francisco Chronicle: Employment Affairs) used to be Vice President of New York NABET-CWA Local 11. He was getting financial aid from his employer NBC to attend Fordham Law School. When NBC found out he had taken a leave of absence to become Vice President of Local 11 they pulled his financial aid. He complained to the Union and the Union decided to pick up the remainder of his financial aid. The Union did not expect him to turn his law skills against his benefactors. Instead of becoming a Union attorney he joined the Hearst Corporation and was instrumental in getting the Guild leadership at the San Francisco Chronicle to push through a Union Busting contract. Pay cuts up to 40%, loss of jurisdiction over as many as 40 jobs, loss of one weeks vacation, sick leave cuts, and a NO STRIKE clause! Just to name a few of the give backs. He did such a good job screwing some of the Unions at the Chronicle that rumor has it that they will be sending him on tour to negotiate other contracts for the Hearst Corporation. Instead of joining the fight against Corporate greed that is ruining this country he decided to line up at the trough to line his own pockets with gold. Letıs face it, Union attorneys are not into it for the money! The sad part of this is that Local 11 has a Calvin Siemer Scholarship named in honor of its past Vice President. God Bless America!!!

In Solidarity,

Bruce Carlton

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