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Union Leader Fired By Safeway After Announcing
Candidacy For UFCW 588 President's Position

DOUG SLAYDON IS A Safeway meat cutter who is tired of being pushed around by his employer and wants his Union (UFCW 588) to become more militant and more aggressive. So much so he began an active organizing effort to garner membership support in the 2006 election to become the Local Union President. There is one little problem: Safeway fired him shortly after he made his candidacy public and began his campaign.

The trumped up charges resulting in his termination are ridiculous. So much so, Doug has told his story on the grocery workers Website http://groceryworkers.org/we-have-no-rights-on-the-shop-floor-local-588-grievance-process-offers-no-protection/ The use of the internet will play an important role in Doug's efforts to reform local 588, and has triggered support from around the country.

Safeway and UFCW 588 will hold a "Board Of Adjustment" on Thursday January 5, 2006. The hearing will be held at the Modesto Office of UFCW 588 (2007 Yosemite Blvd. Modesto CA 95354). Doug and many of his supporters will be in attendance and will be available for interviews upon conclusion of the hearing, which starts at 10:15 am.

The pivotal question is whether the Union is willing and able to get Doug's job back. The irony of course is the re-instatement allows Brother Slaydon to continue his campaign against the very leadership who is now supposed to be defending him.

We invite you to attend and witness whether justice will be applied or denied. This story has the makings of what will become one of the biggest California labor stories in 2006. The decision to run against UFCW 588's leadership was daunting, as the history of the Union and their power has been a source of numerous articles in the press.

If you cannot attend, Doug Slaydon can be reached at (707) 290-6852

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