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San Francisco Labor Council Resolution
adopted December 11, 2006 by unanimous vote

Cut Off Funding for the Iraq War

Whereas the war in Iraq is continuing, and

whereas the American people in the last election have clearly stated their opposition to this war, and

whereas the war can't continue without war funding, and

whereas a major factor in ending the Vietnam war was the cut-off of funding by Congress, and

whereas the Bush administration will ask for further funding for war early next year - up to $160 billion on top of the $70 billion approved by Congress last October; therefore,

Be it resolved that the SF Labor Council communicate its opposition to continued war funding directly with Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Tom Lantos and Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein by setting up delegations to discuss the issue of ending war funding in order to bring the troops home now.

Submitted by Allan Fisher, David Welsh, and Rodger Scott

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