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Passed unanimously by the delegates
at the January 22, 2007 Metropolitan
Washington Council,
Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO January 22, 2007

Not One More Dollar for Occupation and War in Iraq
Whereas, the electorate gave a clear and unambiguous mandate to the new
Congress to end the occupation of Iraq and to bring all U.S.  troops home
now; and Whereas, the election echoed what polls have been indicating for
months; and 

Whereas, the Bush administration intends to seek an additional $160 billion
to sustain the continuing occupation and military operations in Iraq on top
of $70 billion recently approved by Congress for that tragic enterprise; and
Whereas, our soldiers-the men and women risking their lives in Iraq-come
from America?s working families. They are our sons and daughters, our
sisters and brothers, our husbands and wives; and

Whereas, such an appropriation will enable the Bush administration to
continue the war for another two years, denying the message the American
people sent in November, and despite the over 3000 U.S.  troops who have
already died and more than 20,000 who have been wounded, many of whom will
be disabled for life; and Whereas tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians have
been killed since 2003, 36,000 in 2006 alone;

Whereas, a vote for this appropriation is a vote for continued war and
occupation in Iraq, which is unjustified; and

Whereas, there are sufficient funds already available to secure the speedy
safe evacuation of all U.S.  troops, decommissioning of military
installations and related actions associated with a complete military
withdrawal from Iraq; and

Whereas, our returning troops should be afforded all resources and services
available to meet their needs.   Our members should return to their jobs,
with seniority and benefits; and

Whereas, every dollar spent on the Iraq War is a dollar added to the U.S.
debt which will be paid by our children and their children, and also
squeezes needed social programs here at home; and

Whereas the American and Iraqi governments have not kept their promise to
create a political environment for democracy in Iraq, as far as workers are
concerned; and 

Whereas severe workers rights abuses and antidemocratic restrictions being
placed on Iraqi trade unions, such as the continuing ban on free and
independent trade unions, and the failure to investigate the wave of
targeted assassinations of trade unionists, undermines the rights of all

Therefore, be it resolved that the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO
calls upon all members of Congress to vote against any appropriation for
military operations and occupation in Iraq, except for the immediate safe
return of all U.S.  troops; and

Be it further resolved, that the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO
calls upon members of Congress to ensure Iraqi trade unionists enjoy full
rights of freedom of association and that all attacks on trade unionists are
investigated; Be it further resolved, that the Metropolitan Washington
Council, AFL-CIO urges all union members, their families and friends and
other forces in our community who reject this escalation to communicate
these messages to members of Congress, and;

Be it further resolved that Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO urges
its affiliates to inform their members of this pending appropriation and its
meaning and consequences and to encourage them to undertake such
communication; and in furtherance of these objectives, the Council will help
to circulate the USLAW petition to Congress on this subject and encourage
its affiliates to do also so; and

Be it further resolved, that the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO
endorses and urges all union members, their families and friends to
participate in the January 27 National March on Washington to End the War; and 

Be it finally resolved, that a copy of this resolution shall be forwarded 
to all members of the Washington D.C.  and Maryland Congressional delegations, 
and to the AFL-CIO and Change to Win federations with a request that these bodies 
take similar actions.

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