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On 2/3/03 San Francisco NALC Local 214 passed an resolution calling for an international day of labor action against the war. A similar resolution has also been passed by the Bay Area Labor For Peace and Justice. If your local or organization can endorse please contact us.

In Solidarity,
Steve Zeltzer

Call For International Labor Action To Stop The War On Iraq

Whereas, working people in the US will pay for the war on Iraq both by budget cuts on health, education, retirement and workers safety and,

Whereas the attack on Iraq by the US and the UK is an attack on the working people of Iraq and the Middle East and, Whereas, the war on Iraq is being used to escalate the attacks on workers and worker's democratic rights including the US Constitution and in every country in the world and,

Whereas, workers throughout the world and in every trade union must stand together to oppose and stop this war and,

Whereas, united labor action internationally has the power to stop the war machine,

Therefore be it resolved this body supports an international day of labor/union action against the war in Iraq and in defense of all labor and democratic rights throughout the world and,

Finally, this local will seek concurrence for this motion in every affiliated body and organization and will seek to publicize this in the labor movement as a whole.

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