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These two (2) Right-to-Work bills were introduced in the Ky. General Assembly this week:

SB 77 (BR 1268) - R. Roeding

    AN ACT relating to labor organizations.
    Create a new section in KRS Chapter 336, to prohibit, as a condition or employment or continued employment, mandatory membership or participation in a labor organization, including employee organization or association for classified employee under KRS 18A.005; amend KRS 336.990 to assess a $1,000 fine, or a jail term not to exceed six months, or both; and amend KRS 345.050 to conform.

Feb 4-introduced in Senate

HB 340 (BR 1263) - J. Fischer, S. Lee, S. Baugh, M. Harmon, P. Marcotte, C. Walton

    AN ACT relating to labor organizations.
    Amend KRS 336.180 to prohibit mandatory or financial support as a condition of employment or continued employment to a labor organization; revise definition of "labor organization" to include a union for collective bargaining for any employer or public body; define "public body" to mean the Commonwealth, political subdivisions including cities, counties, districts, school districts and post secondary education systems; define "employee" to mean any person employed by an employer, including employees of a public body; provide that the provisions of the Act shall not apply to existing contracts or agreements, but shall apply to new, renewed or extended contracts; amend KRS 336.990 to make a violation of the provisions of the Act a Class A misdemeanor; award damages and provide injunctive relief; create a new section declaring this Act as the "Kentucky Right to Work Act;" amend KRS 345.050 to conform.

Feb 5-introduced in House

This one looks like a Mini-Payroll Deception Bill:

SB 83 (BR 1095) - G. Tapp, J. Denton, D. Seum

    AN ACT relating to certified school employees.
    Amend KRS 161.158 to prohibit payroll deduction for a certified employee's dues to a membership organization.

Feb 4-introduced in Senate

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