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Association Of Flight Attendants Anti-War Resolution

WHEREAS, the global airline industry is in economic distress with continuing significant losses; and,

WHEREAS, airline employees have suffered huge job losses, and will continue to suffer serious threats to their wages, terms and conditions, benefits, and pensions as employers reduce costs; and,

WHEREAS, any increase in operating costs or reduction in revenue will put serious strain on the financial condition of many airlines and endanger the continuing existence of some airlines; and,

WHEREAS, Inspectors from the United Nations have uncovered no credible evidence that Iraq possesses or is developing weapons of mass destruction, and the new Bush doctrine of "striking first" is a clear departure from the normal, historical reasons for entering into armed conflict; and,

WHEREAS, a US pre-emptive war with Iraq with support from Great Britain could cause immediate and significant economic harm on a global scale, which would include increased cost for jet fuel, higher security costs, and fewer business and pleasure travelers;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Association of Flight Attendants United Airlines Master Executive Council holds strongly the belief that an unprovoked war with Iraq which causes many casualties amongst members of our armed forces and the Iraqi people, is not in the best interest of our Cabin Crew Members, other airline workers, or the vast majority of other workers of the world; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Association of Flight Attendants United Airlines Master Executive Council, on behalf of our Cabin Crew Members and their families, call upon President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair to seek any and all alternative means to address the lawlessness of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein; and,

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that we urge the political leadership of each country to stop the plans for pre-emptive war not widely supported by the United Nations, and redirect resources towards economic, political, social progress and stability.


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