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From: "U.S. Labor Against the War" uslaw@igc.org
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005
Dear Brothers and Sisters: 

PLEASE HELP US SPREAD the word about our east coast regional conference,
Educators to Stop the War, on March 5 in New York City. We are organizing
cross-union (AFT, NEA, UAW, AAUP) and cross grade level (K-12 and college).
Our focus is on unions, curriculum, building the HS and college student
movements, and counter-military recruitment in the schools. We are expecting
about 400-500 teachers and about 100 students. This promises to be a rich
conference and an antidote to the depression we are all experiencing. This
is a great way to get teachers involved in anti-war work in their workplaces
and unions and, thus, an important way to build USLAW. Please help us and
forward this to every teacher you know on the east coast.  Please tell
people to register on the website NOW: www.educatorstostopthewar.org . 
Many, many thanks.  If you'd like to speak with me (Nancy) , please call 
me at 718-951-5015 at work or 718-788-5717 at home. Don't forget:  this is 
an EAST COAST REGIONAL conference so any teachers on the east coast should 
be invited.

In peace and solidarity,
Nancy Romer (AFT 2334)
Michael Zweig (AFT 2190)

P.S.:  If you now of other potentially interested educators who might
attend, please pass this information on to them.
Here's further info:
Saturday, March 5, 2005
8:30 - 5 p.m., with party to follow
Hunter High School 
(94th Street and Park Avenue, Manhattan)

We are a group of K teacher unionists (K-12 and college), educators,
students, and activists who oppose the war in Iraq and want to gather 
our forces to build a stronger, more confident anti-war movement, and 
to challenge the war in many venues: our unions, our schools and 
colleges, our classrooms and the streets.

The conference has several purposes:

+ to assess the state of the war, empire, and our role as educators in the
  movement to fight back;
+ to build anti-war activity in our unions, schools, colleges, and
+ to explore pedagogy and intellectual and cultural materials to bring the
  war and the anti-war movement into our classrooms;
+ to resist military recruitment in our schools, colleges, and universities;
+ to resist any move to bring back the draft.

The conference, a project of US Labor Against the War, will have plenaries
and workshops on curriculum (elementary, secondary and college), political 
analysis, efforts in our unions, strategy and tactics, student activism, 
vets and military families. You can find details of the conference and 
register for the event on our website: www.educatorstostopthewar.org .
We hope to have the greatest possible participation and the most meaningful 
possible conversations to move anti-war actions forward.  The day will 
include a party at the close of the conference, celebrating our movement 
and our work together.

In peace and solidarity,

Nancy Romer, Professional Staff Congress of CUNY, AFT 2334
Michael Zweig, United University Professions of SUNY, AFT 2190

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