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This just in from the Contra Costa County's Working Families Network:


SAT. FEBRUARY 26th     11:30  A.M. - 1 P.M.

Outrage in Concord
24 Workers Fired For Being Union!

Twenty-four families are facing unpaid mortgages, health bills and
basic necessities after being thrown in the street at Future Ford in
Concord, formerly Lithia Ford. 

After spending months telling workers not to look for other jobs
because they  would still have theirs after the sale, the new owner sent
a letter saying he is not honoring the union and then refused to hire
twenty-four  of the thirty long-term workers. And now the new owner has
even refused to meet with State Senator Torlakson, who has agreed to
act as a neutral facilitator.

Unfair labor  practice charges have been filed, but resolution of the
charges can take years.  IAM L1173 and Teamsters L315 are asking for
all unions to come help them fight this vicious, illegal action.  

Other dealerships whose contracts are coming up are monitoring this
situation closely so please join us on the picket line and show Future
Ford that we will defend working families in Contra Costa County!

Future Ford
2285 Diamond  Blvd.
(Off Contra Costa Blvd.  By the Radisson)

Sat. February 26th     11:30 a.m.  - 1:00 p.m.

For more information, please contact Skyler at
925/228-0161 or Skyler@cclabor.net


California Labor Federation, AFL/CIO
launches a
State-Wide Boycott
Future Ford of Concord
2285 Diamond Boulevard Concord,  California

* Twenty-four Unionized workers were unfairly terminated at Future Ford
when the new owners refused to hire them back in an effort to break the

*Contra Costa County  Board of Supervisors, the City Council of
Martinez and the City Council of Pleasant Hill have all unanimously
passed resolutions in support of the terminated Union employees.

All trade Unionists and friends of Organized Labor are urged NOT to
patronize this Automotive dealership.

For more information on how you can help, go to www.iam1173.org

Thank you,

I.A.M. & A.W.
Machinists Union Local #1173
Teamsters Local #315

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