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Labor Activists File Suit to Fight McCarthyism in DC

Leaders targeted by union executive for fighting against
concessions and speaking out against the war

12 Noon On the steps of U.S. District Court
500 Pearl St.

ON MONDAY, February 14, at 12 Noon, Brenda Stokely, Gloria
Jackson, and Chuck Mohan will file suit in U.S. District
Court against District Council 1707 and against Raglan
George, Jr., Executive Director for violations of the Labor
Management Reporting & Disclosure Act of 1959 and the
constitution of DC 1707. Jackson and Mohan were fired from
their positions with the union just days before Christmas,
while they were on vacation, and Stokely was removed from
her position in January as president of DC 1707. They
allege that they were removed because of their opposition to
a flawed day care contract and because they have been
outspoken against the occupation of Iraq.

"Raglan George removed us in an attempt to silence rank and
file voices in the union," said Brenda Stokely. "We were
removed for opposing a concessionary day care contract. We
have also been outspoken in our opposition to the war and
occupation in Iraq. All three of us were organizers for the
Million Worker March at a time when it was opposed by the
AFL-CIO and AFSCME because they wanted to tie everyone to
the failed tactics of devoting all of our resources to the
Kerry campaign."

Stokely opposed the firing of Mohan and Jackson, saying that
they are widely respected by the members because they fight
for justice in the workplace, support free speech and
encourage participation by the rank-and-file.

Brenda Stokely, who was removed from her position as
President of the 23,000-member DC 1707 on January 14,
alleges that her ouster and the firing of Jackson and Mohan
were politically motivated. "Raglan George wants to silence
us because we have been outspoken critics of the contract he
is pushing that would give up 5 years of retroactive pay,
while he requested a raise for himself from $70,000 to
$150,000, retroactive for 3 years. Meanwhile, the average
day care worker makes $24,000 a year and home health aids
make between $6 and $10 an hour. Raglan George is pushing
for a rush ratification of the day care contract at the
Hilton on Tuesday. We are also being targeted because we
have been vocal and active in our opposition to the war in
Iraq. This is an attempt to silence dissent, squash free
speech, and shut out participation by rank and file

They are represented by Daniel E. Clifton, of Lewis, Clifton
& Nikolaidis, P.C.

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