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Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005
From: Fern Bennett t184u@yahoo.ca

Hi, I am deeply concerned about the closure of the Walmart in Quebec. I 
have no direct link to the workers or the company, only a passion to 
see the world become a more gentle place. Unfortunately, the very 
structure of capitalism has companies focus on profit above all other 
considerations. If capitalism could be modified to include social and 
environmental considerations in its bottom line than perhaps capitalism 
can be salvaged. But small advances first. 
Should there not be some type of civil society movement to recognize 
the injustice shown to the Quebec Walmart employees? Would you be able 
to plan a national or global boycott of Walmart for one day? For example, 
when Gandi organized a day of prayer so that all Indian nationals did 
not report to work for one day, the English became aware of the Indians' 
While Walmart workers may feel too vulnerable, could we not stage some 
effort to educate the public on Walmarts treatment of workers and 
unethical efforts to provide consumers with 'Roll Back' pricing? We 
could ask them to forgo just one shopping day and to count the cost of 
their purchase in more than the immediate savings. 
Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. Hopefully, you will 
find some merit in this suggestion, or perhaps have a better one. 
While I'm not much of a shopper I must confess that I do shop at 
Walmart, or at least I did.
Fern Bennett

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