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BARBARA CLARK, AN INJURED nurse practitioner won a Federal Court decision in Sacramento today that she was competent to defend herself in her own case. The Adventist Church Hospital Chain had sought to declare Barbara Clark incompetent and wanted the court to order a guardianship over her so she would not be able to pursue her case against the Adventist Hospital System and the California Division of Industrial Relations Director John Rea. Clark has charged that there that the State of California and DIR director John Rea have refused to regulate the uninsured carriers such as the Adventist Hospital Chain and that they have conspired to allow the hospital to violate it's responsibility to care for workers injured on the job. Clark also charges that the hospital released her private medical records to the public in order retaliate against her for her workers' comp claims. Under present workers' comp laws confidential medical records are allowed to be released by employers without restriction. She has fought this case for 12 years and has lost her house and is now homeless. Here family was also forced to break up as a result of the illegal practices of the Adventist Church Hospital Chain.

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