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From: Zev Kvitky zev@slac.stanford.edu
Subject: VICTORY!

FYI: The update sent out this morning to university workers...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Settlement Agreement Between University and Union Ratified

On January 31, 2005, after hearing the results of recent negotiations between the University and Union, workers voted to ratify new provisions for our contract as a result of the re-opener negotiations. By a 93% margin workers approved the new agreement. With this settlement our contract negotiations with the University are over. Here is a summary of what has been negotiated:

The pension benefits will improve by moving the base year from 1992 to 1994 retroactive to September 1st, 2005. The base year will increase again to 1995 on September 1st, 2008. These improvements will remain in place through the 2006 negotiations and SRAP will not be part of the 2006 contract negotiations.

The proposed changes to a two tier SCRP retirement will not be implemented for union members. Any further negotiations concerning SCRP will resume with full contract bargaining.

The proposed takeaways in dining services will not be implemented.

All other issues brought up during negotiations will remain as they are until summer 2006 when full contract negotiations begin.

What's Next?

As your negotiating team, we want to thank all members who were involved in this campaign to make improvements in our retirement benefits. We are proud of what our members have done and grateful for the confidence you have given us as your negotiating team. Without the help and involvement of our members we could never have reached this agreement. Though we would have liked to make greater gains, we have accomplished something our members will benefit from and can be proud of. We now need to take what we have learned out of this struggle and begin to prepare for our contract negotiations that will take place in the months ahead. Again, thanks to everyone who helped in this effort- YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!

In Solidarity- Your Negotiation Team
Zev Kvitky
Kevin Lortie
Rudy Cordero
Michael Sawnson
Dan Gazzano
Rafael Guerra
Al Suarez
Jim Petro
Chuck Cashion

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