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"The Barking Dog" issue #51, dated March 10, 2003, put out by Caroline Lund, a member of UAW Local 2244 at the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA
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Barry and Caroline - lundshep@attbi.com

War and the UAW

   MILLIONS OF AVERAGE people throughout the world have marched against Bush¹s war on Iraq, but our union still takes no position.

  The UAW opposed the Vietnam War, but not until May of 1970, when UAW President Walter Reuther sent a telegram to President Nixon saying the following:

  "On behalf of the UAW I wish to convey to you our deep concern and distress. . . . Your decision to invade the territory of Cambodia can only increase the enormity of the tragedy in which our nation is already deeply and unfortunately involved in that region. . . . However this dangerous adventure turns out militarily, America has already suffered a moral defeat beyond measure among the people of the world. . . . At no time in the history of our free society have so many troops been sent to so many campuses to suppress the voice of protest by so many young Americans. . . ."
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  I called the UAW International headquarters in Detroit to ask whether our union had taken a stand on Bush¹s war. A staff rep told me the union has no position.

  However, he said UAW secretary-treasurer Elizabeth Bunn spoke at the Detroit antiwar rally on Feb. 15, and that many locals have come out against the war: Local 600 (Ford), Local 909 (GM), Local 1700 (Daimler-Chrysler), Local 1981 (Writers Union), and Region 9A.

  Hopefully we will not have to wait till the end of the war for the UAW to take a position.

--Caroline Lund

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