Joint Statement for March 20 International Labor Action Day
Against The War, Repression and Privatization

THE IRAQI WAR IS NOW transforming postwar history. Aggressive war is
insisted on as "justice". The world is covered with hatred, fear and an
undisguised war policy, and dreadful scenarios are invented daily. In
addition, intense attacks on our democratic rights have been intensified
with the opening of the war on Iraq.

On March 20, the first anniversary of the outbreak of Iraqi war, we, the
workers of US / Japan / Korea call for all the people of the world to stand
up for an international anti-war action to stop the Iraq war and occupation
immediately as well as blocking troops from being dispatched from Japan &
Korea and the extension of the US led war to Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Our belief is that only united international workersı action can stop the
war. We think this is a responsibility for workers of the US, Japan and
Korea, because our own governments are waging this war, one of the greatest
crimes in the history of human beings.

This war is nothing else but an imperial war of aggression without mere
justice. "They have weapons of mass destruction", was official justification
of the war but was really used as an excuse for this criminal war. It is no
exaggeration to say that the present situation of the occupation policy is
colonial rule itself and far from Iraqi liberation.

Bush and other rulers of the world are aiming to draw the whole world into
this bog of war for their profits. On the excuse of "anti-terrorism", the
ominous history of war is going to be repeated again.

The war and the attack to the workers throughout the world are linked
together as a war on all fronts. The need of the corporate controlled
government and their censored media to crush all democratic opposition
reflects their fear that the masses of working people are beginning to see
the real nature of their rule.

In South Korea, workers are fighting powerfully against the suppression of
the labor movement and discrimination against irregular workers. It is much
harder than even at the times of military dictatorship. Workers are deprived
of every means of life by arrest, physical attacks, lawsuits of damages and
seizures of property by reason of going on strike. Some workers dared to
commit suicide in protest. Korean workers are facing a severe situation.

In Japan as well, the constitution which declares to "forever renounce war"
is infringed, emergency related laws are being passed and a separate law of
sending the Self Defense Forces to Iraq was forced through. In the situation
of the rapid drive into "the nation capable of waging war", the storm of
enormous workersı firing, irregular employment, wage cutting, union busting
and arrest-imprisonment attacks on workers fighting against war and
privatization are raging.

In the US, the Patriot Act and other repressive laws are setting the stage
for a police state. This is combined with a large scale privatization attack
on 850,000 federal workers, the use of the anti-labor Taft-Hartley law which
was invoked against the ILWU west coast longshoremen and an intense attack
of police powers on organized labor and anti-FTAA activists who went to
Miami to protest. 

Tens of millions of people are preparing now to rise up against this war.
Pursuit of profits by globalized capital has brought war, starvation and
unemployment of billions of people. But it has also brought great forward
struggles of workers and people like a wild fire. The impulse to war and
voice of anger against war is coming in conflict all over the world and a
new history will be born.

On March 20, 2004 letıs rise up for international action against war,
repression and privatization. In San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and throughout
the whole world, letıs join together to build our future with our own hands.
We call for all workers and their organizations throughout the world to join
us in this call.

January 19, 2004

Endorsed by;
Korean Confederation of Trade Union Seoul Regional Council
National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba
Campaign Against Taft-Hartley, Repression and Privatization

Resolution regarding The Iraq War and Occupation

Whereas at the Thirty-second I.L.W.U. International Convention, resolution
#R-15 "Fight for Peace and Oppose War" passed.  And resolution, #R-24
"Oppose the U.S. War Against Iraq" passed.  And resolution, #R-35,
"Opposition to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq passed and

Whereas working people in Japan, Korea and the United States are taking
labor action on March 20, 2004 to protest the Iraq War and Occupation.

Therefore be it resolved that I.L.W.U., Local 34 join with the Doro Chiba
Railway Workers of Japan and the KCTU Workers of Korea and stand in
solidarity against the Iraq War and Occupation by attending the Global Day
of Action to End the Occupation at 11 a.m. in Dolores Park, San Francisco,
CA, U.S.A.

March 9, 2004

International Longshoremenıs Local 34

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