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Press Release:
Labor Programming On The March 19, 2005
Anti-War Rally In San Francisco

KPFA Labor Collective kpfalaborcollective@yahoo.com

The KPFA Labor Collective will be be providing 1 hour of pre-recorded programming from the Labor Rally that will be held prior to the San Francisco anti-war march on 3/19. The programming on KPFA will be broadcast at 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM PST on Saturday March 19, 2005. If you want to hear why trade unionists and workers are opposing the war on Iraq and the occupation please tune into KPFA 94.1 FM. You can also listen on the internet to this show at kpfa.org

For further information or comments on this program call (510)-848-0124x606 and leave a message with the KPFA Labor Collective. If you want more of this programming please mail us at:
KPFA Labor Collective
Box 69
1929 MLK Drive
Berkeley, CA 94704

or email us at


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