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Re: 3/1/06 LaborNet Headlines

From: everett wilson xumalee1933@yahoo.com
Date: 03/01/2006

I HAVE a question? Am I the only person that am angry that our medical benefits (Which I had to work 20 years to vest) were cut while Jack and his son fly around in a jet supplied by the union...and then they had the nerve to write an ask us retirees to go speak out and picket for them for NO pay?

I get a pension of $387.00 per month and figure I now have to pay out approximately $300.00 per month in medications, premium, doctors, Labs and Xrays. I cannot afford the gas to go donate my time. Workers get paid when they picket. I use to donate my time to speak out against Wal Mart Superstores, Now I am grateful that they are there as the $87.00 I have left over each month will only buy groceries at the WM Superstores. The money I get from S.S. goes for house insurance, car insurance and life insurance, Utilities, gas, car repair (it's an old p/u) etc. Next contract I guess I will have to stop eating all together. I am in the process of lowering my insurances, and at 72 praying that nothing goes wrong. I get to eat a lot of oatmeal, cream of wheat beans and such.

I do hope all of you are doing better.

M Nicholson

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