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San Francisco Labor Council Resolution - Adopted March 12, 2007

Defeat the anti-worker, anti-immigrant and anti-union attacks!

Whereas, on May Day 2006 history was made. The world watched as millions
took off from work and school to march for the rights of immigrants and all
workers, in the largest International Workers Day demonstrations in the
United States in living memory; and
Whereas, the March 25th Coalition, based in Los Angeles, which spearheaded
the massive protests for immigrant rights in the spring of 2006 [that were
victorious in defeating the repressive HR 4437 Sensenbrenner bill], has
joined with a broad coalition of organizations in the Latino, Black,
Filipino, Labor and other communities, to form the May 1st National Movement
for Worker and Immigrant Rights, calling for mass demonstrations on Tuesday,
May 1, 2007 in cities across the country including Los Angeles, Chicago,
Boston, New York City, San Antonio, Houston, Seattle, Phoenix, San
Francisco, Detroit, and many other cities demonstrating "the growing unity
among US and foreign born workers"; and
Whereas, the San Francisco Labor Council on April 3, 2006, in a "Resolution
in Support of Immigrant Workers" -- noting the AFL-CIO's February 16, 2000
"historic resolution in support of amnesty for immigrant workers" -- called
for mobilizing in support of "full legalization and equal rights for
undocumented immigrants" and supporting the call for the May 1st, 2006
national day of protest; and
Whereas, on May 22, 2006, the San Francisco Labor Council adopted the
"National Statement to Support Human and Civil Rights for All Immigrants",
issued by the National Network on Immigrant and Refugee Rights, calling for
"fair and just immigration reform for all" and solid worker protections, and
opposing then-current legislation which would have created new "guest
worker" (transient servitude) programs; and
Whereas, on March 10, 2007, 22 organizations in the immigrant community and
their allies came together in San Francisco to begin planning for a march
for worker and immigrant rights in San Francisco on May 1, 2007, in
conjunction with the national demonstrations; and
Whereas, federal immigration authorities including ICE have been conducting
brutal raids on workplaces and people's homes -- from the arrest of 1,300
workers at Swift & Co. meatpacking plants in six states on December 12,
2006, to more recent raids in the Bay Area, at the Smithfield hog processing
plant in North Carolina and elsewhere -- terrorizing and separating
families, intimidating the workers and interfering with union organization
at the workplaces, in a massive violation of civil and union rights;
therefore be it
Resolved, that the San Francisco Labor Council endorse and encourage
participation in the May Day marches and other protest activities in San
Francisco and cities nationwide, behind the banner of 1) Legalization and
equal rights for immigrant workers; 2) Stop the brutal raids on immigrant
workers; 3) No "guest worker" programs; 4) A moratorium on deportations; 5)
Uniting workers of all nationalities and races in the struggle for our
rights and our future.

--Adopted March 12, 2007 by the San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO, by
unanimous vote.

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