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Central Labor Council Of Alameda County Backs Bush Impeachment

   CALLING FOR SUPPORT FOR the impeachment of President Bush and the members of his administration, the Central Labor Council of Alameda County has backed the growing national campaign for impeachment. In a letter to US Representative Barbara Lee on April 7, 2004, the council said that "President Bush and his Administration have made false statements and concealed information vital to public discourse in launching a preemptive war, abused Executive authority through illegal detentions without charge or access to counsel, and betrayed the trust of the American people by depriving citizens of their civil and constitutional rights." They called on Representative Barbara Lee to "submit to the House of Representatives a resolution asking for impeachment of President Bush and members of his administration for violating their oaths to support the Constitution of the United States of America."

   This action representing over 126,000 working families is an important element in getting this on the agenda of the US labor movement.

  Support for this action should be emailed to mail@alamedalabor.org or faxed to (510)632-3993. The web page of the council is at www.alamedalabor.org

A national coalition to impeach Bush is located at www.impeachnow.org

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