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From: AUSTIN CAMRON kickc@consolidated.net
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006
To: Eric- The Daily efleischauer@decaturdaily.com
Subject: Re: GM-UAW-Delphi pact


I'm not with GM or Delphi but I'm a UAW member from Local 751 Dacatur, IL Caterpillar Inc. and I do believe I do have a right to say a thing or two about what is happening. I have friends that work at GM/Delphi. First you think it is an easy way out but it is not an honorable way out and what you end up taking will really not be enough because like always they will eventually come back and take something else away from you again and then the guilt sets in when you see yourself starting to struggle and others doing the same and then you see your kids and then you see your GRANDCHILDREN having the same trouble and you know you are part responsible because you gave in. That is always been there plan. Cat has did it to us, why shouldn'they do it to the GM/DELPHI workers. We were their test case back in the early 1988 clear up to now even and beyond if we don't stop this insidious venture that these Corporations are doing right NOW. Ones the door is opened it never stops. They are relentless and Greedy Corporations just like Caterpillar Inc. is and they are ALL the same. The all mighty dollar and the bottom line , the stock holders. At one time long ago, Corporations had an un said responsibility to it's community's and it's workers but today that doesn't exist. They have to having a profit on top of a profit on top of a profit and it just keeps going on and and on. When will it ever be enough for them. I can't fathom why they need all of that money for only to be addicted to it like some addict. Instead of raising some third word country's wages up to ours they want to bring ours down to theirs. Think about this! It is becoming to the point of it is either you are rich or you are poor. They have the smell of control of man. When they come to us and say if you don't take what we are offering you, that this is are last and final offer. What they are doing is and saying is that no amount of money can keep them here unless we cower down to what they want because they can go to a third world country because they don't have Pensions, Healthcare, Labor Laws, Safety Laws , OSHA or any Laws at all that protect the working man or woman and the Governments would Love to have these Company's come to their country's and build so they can reap the benefits from these Company's without lifting a finger. Just imagine a world which you are either rich or you are poor and they have complete control over you which in a since they almost do now and we just don't realize it yet. I hope and pray that we wake up and realize what our Government is doing and the Corporations are doing and our Politicians are doing because all three along with our own Internationals are cooperating with them to achieve this goal they are trying for and are about to win if we don't rise up and change the course. We can do this but it takes all of us working together and along with our Brothers and Sisters over seas. The UAW for a long time has not Represented All of the UAW workers Effectively since Walter Ruthers Death. By taking early retirement you will be giving in to the Corporations Will and the Younger Generations will end up Poppers. Yes our children and our Grandchildren and our Great Grandchildren will never see a good life that is rightfully theirs as it was ours. Do you really want that for them when YOU HAVE HAD IT SO WELL. Aren't you the least bit ashamed of yourself for even thinking this way of taking early retirement and which will still be the sham it will be if we, as the ones who know and lived the life they should have. These Company's have brought this all on themselves be there erougance and wastefulness and the paying of the CEO's extravagant pay and retirement money even during bad times. Do you know that we are the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD that does this and these Company's that are doing the most threats to are American Workers are American Company's. If it was me I wouldn't take early retirement for just those reasons I gave above. I would stay on to fight again and to help our young people learn what it takes to be truly free and to have what was gained by Years of fighting for and what was rightfully theirs because with out us giving our work, these Corporations would not have nothing at all. Strike isn't the word for what is called for here now and we see what is happening over seas, well the time has came to get off onto either on one or the other side of the fence and take action and change things that we know we must do. We can't be fence sitters any longer. WE need to join hands with our Brothers and Sisters over seas and do what has to be done because the same Corporations are doing it to them as well and they are fed up with it to. I'm sorry Eric, but I do feel I do have a right to have a say in this since I'm a UAW member and have been since 9/10/73, 32 years and before that I worked at the old Henry Fords Rouge Plant in Detroit, MI for about 3 1/2 months before my father told me Caterpillar was hiring on in Decatur, IL. So I have been a Auto Worker and a Ag Imp in the big Heavy Equipment Division of Caterpillar Inc., and a UAW member both which gives me rights I believe to say a few words.


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