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BELOW IS MY reply to Leo Casey's posting on Cuba followed by his original posting. Please feel free to circulate it. Leo, perhaps you would like to sign on....

Dave Bleakney
National Union Representative
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
377 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 1Y3

Ph: 613-236-7230 ext 7953
Fax: 613-561-7861


We the undersigned are trade union bureaucrats who do not feel it is productive or prudent to vigorously highlight the sordid history of AFL-CIO undermining of democratic governments and workers struggles. We believe in ignoring or sweeping such nasty things under the carpet.

We believe that the United States, in spite of it's flaws and two million people in jail is a free democracy and the best place to live that everyone wants.

We know the U.S. is a free country even though we support the death penalty, build prisons for profit and blow up foreign lands to defend this freedom.

We favor freedom of speech even though it is a little more free for those that are wealthy enough to own a printing press or tv station. We favour a free controlled corporate media as this is a tenet of our free and democratic society.

We favour freedom of association and assembly except even though when more than a few hundred people gather in protest without a permit. Then it becomes crimminal.

We believe the several million Cubans that march in May Day must be forced to through a process of covert hypnosis.

We believe everyone should be free of terrorism except those unfortunate enough to live in a socialist country with free medical care.

We are grateful that the government keeps us safe from aliens with such adventures as eliminating the huge military threat posed by Grenada (population 130,000) in the 1980's.

Although we are critical sometimes, we support our version of democracy. It is the one that gave us:  "my country-right or wrong", the Monroe Doctrine and the Manifest destiny.

We believe we must be vigilant and promote our freedoms elsewhere like the Homeland Security act and continuous eavesdropping  on Americans in the name of freedom and anti terrorism. We know that the U.S. government has placed operatives in Unions and the media throughout history to ensure freedom for all U.S. citizens.

We think that the world exists in a vacumme with no context.

We don't believe in critical support but in blaming Fidel Castro for American aggressiveness and all the problems of Cuba even if he is popular with his own people.

We believe it unfortunate that the United States occupies Cuban land, orchestrates and launches terrorist attacks from U.S. soil, but don't think that should get in the way of understanding Cuban reality.

We think the United States is the only country that should be allowed to violate international law.

We think that Cubans have nothing to fear and they must be over-reacting to the fact that the U.S. government has pardoned terrorists that have killed Cuban civilians.

We will overlook, rationalize and explain away any and all contradictions and hypocrisies evident in the trade union leadership especially when they accept funds to undermine social movements.

We believe that so called diplomats of hostile and militarist governments should be encouraged to undermine Cuban society though we understand that the diplomatic corps of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, et al, would not have been afforded this privilege. Likewise we think the same rights should not be afforded Saddam Hussein an Al-Qaida.

We oppose terrorism but note that the United States assumes the right to assasinate foreign leaders with no one held accountable.

We believe the U.S., with the worlds largest stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, represents the best of all possible worlds and affords us the luxury of telling Cubans what to do.

We believe (over 60% of us) that we have met that devil personally and that evil lurks everywhere.

We applaud those that undermine the Cuban socialist government in order to make them more like us and more in line with U.S. values.

And above all, we will overlook, rationalize and explain away any and all contradictions and hypocrisies evident in the our actions and political leadership since we believe the whole world should be seen through a U.S. lens cause, dammit, we're Americans. The goals of a U.S. century demand it.

-------Original Message-------
From: Leo Casey LeoCasey@AOL.COM
Sent: 05/04/03 03:46 PM

> We the undersigned are leftists and progressives who do not feel it is productive or prudent to criticize the Cuban government at this or any other time.

We believe that the US government continues to undermine the independence of the Cuban people, and therefore any action the Cuban government takes is fine by us.

We do not support the death penalty, except when it is employed by socialists or Marxists.

We favor freedom of speech, association and assembly for ourselves, but not for those who should be grateful to live in a socialist country.

If we lived in Cuba, we would spy on our neighbors and report any suspicious activity to the government at once.

We believe in the wisdom and fairness of the Cuban Communist Party, and feel that it is one and the same as the Cuban people.

We support Fidel's slogan, "Socialism or Death!"

We deplore those "leftists" who have the nerve to tell the Cuban government what they think, unless it is wholly supportive of the Party's line.

And above all, we will overlook, rationalize and explain away any and all contradictions and hypocrisies evident in the Cuban leadership. The goal of a progressive future demands it.

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