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Resolution passed unanimously on Monday April 14, 2003

SFLC to Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi

WHEREAS the San Francisco Labor Council is on record as opposing the invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq; and

WHEREAS this war on Iraq will lead to greater destabilization in the Middle East, increase domestic instability, increase the risks to life and limb of US troops through participation in reckless, expensive and counter-productive military activities; and

WHEREAS we acknowledge and salute early statements and actions by Congresswoman Pelosi in opposing this war, yet we are concerned with her more recent political role, most particularly her vote supporting the leadership of the President as Commander in Chief in the conflict against Iraq and her justification for said based on the "need" to "support the troops;" and

WHEREAS, this Council, reflecting a key part of the Congresswoman's constituency, affirms that this shift in her stance does NOT represent the majority of the people who elected her to office: as well-reflected in phone calls, letters to her office, letters to the editor, and by numerous marches and acts of civil disobedience throughout San Francisco; and

WHEREAS we believe that as the opposition leader, Congresswoman Pelosi should also heed the information reflecting that 52% of Democrats nationally oppose the war (according to a March 25th Zogby International poll);

Therefore be it resolved that the San Francisco Labor Council urges Congresswoman Pelosi to heed her constituents---as well as peacemakers worldwide (including Pope John Paul II, the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela)---who speak out for peace and for just and principled policies and actions; and

Be it further resolved that we request the following from Congresswoman Pelosi:

1. that she immediately co-sponsor House Resolution 141, which affirms that the United States possesses the right of defense against imminent or actual attack, but disavows the doctrine of preemption; and 2. that she speak for policies which affirm that the Iraqi people---with the assistance of the United Nations---exercise the primary authority over the reconstruction of Iraq, and 3. that she seek the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, and their replacement by multinational forces under the authority of the United Nations; and 4. that she actively seek precautions to protect US troops and Iraqis from any exposure to depleted uranium munitions; that she call for environmental clean up of damage caused by the US military, and for adequate medical care for Iraqi victims of U.S. military attack; and 5. that she oppose any military activity and spending for this and any other "pre-emptive action" in this region or elsewhere, and that she defend crucial social programs threatened by cutbacks here in the United States.

passed at SFLC delegate meeting

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