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ANYTHING YOU CAN do to spread the word
about this new website for unemployed
workers would be much appreciated.


Links and announcements to your
websites, state action alerts, contacts
with individual groups/affiliates
that work with unemployed workers --
all that would make a big difference in
pushing for the federal extension
of unemployment benefits. Thanks!

Maurice Emsellem
National Employment Law Project
(510) 663-5700


UnemployedWorkers.org - Spread the Word!

Important Information for Unemployed Workers

Our new on-line resource
(www.UnemployedWorkers.org) was created
for jobless workers and interested groups
concerned about today's job market and the
federal extension of unemployment benefits,
scheduled to expire after May 31st.  Already,
almost 3 million workers have run out of
federal jobless benefits, and millions more
will have no federal benefits available if
Congress and the President do not
strengthen and continue this important

With this new website, unemployed
workers can now:

- Learn about all the latest benefits
to support unemployed workers.
- Find support resources in their community.
- Learn about the federal extension of
unemployment benefits, scheduled to
run out after May 31st.
- Take action to protect and strengthen the
federal extension of unemployment benefits.
- Share their story and hear the concerns
of other jobless workers.
- Get the latest national statistics on the
impact of the economy on the unemployed.

Please spread the word!  With only
a few weeks to go until the federal
extension runs out, your help is needed
right away.  Forward this e-mail to
any and all interested groups in
your area (community organizations,
churches/mosques/synagogues, unions,
training programs, job clubs and other
support groups), and include
www.UnemployedWorkers.org in your
newsletters, websites, and any on-line
e-mail forums and action alerts.

For more information, contact Leora Hanser
at the National Employment Law Project
(212-285-3025, ext. 206, lhanser@nelp.org).
Thank you!

Leora Hanser
Campaign Coordinator
National Employment Law Project
55 John Street, 7th floor
New York, NY  10038
(212) 285-3025 x206

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