From: "david johnson"
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004

An interesting development,
In the Mid-Central Illinois regional council of Carpenters, three ELECTED
rank and file delegates resigned from their elected  positions as delegates
to the regional council.
The reason they resigned, is because they were told that they were required
( mandatory ) to attend delegate " training " at the United Brotherhood of
Carpenters International " training " facility in Las Vegas Nevada, and if
they did not attend that they MUST resign as delegates.
This is Illegal !
Under the LMRDA, rank and file elected people can only be removed from
office by a re-call vote by the membership, the imposition of a trusteeship
of a local by an International, or if they violated the law.
The delegates are being contacted to persuade them to contact a good Labor
attorney we know in Chicago.
In a related incident, I have discovered that all of the delegates to the
UBC Las Vegas " training " facility are sent a package of video tapes,
hand-outs and books to read before they attend.
One of the books that is in the package is a book by Spencer Johnson titled
This book is a corporate management indoctrination tool that is given to
sales people and lower level management. The basic premise of the book is
that change is good and that those who will be most successful will be the
one's who accept change, go with the flow, and do everything that is
required of them and then some, within the new structure. Those who FIGHT
the change and refuse to go with the flow, and those who do not
enthusiastically accept the changes, will be left behind and eventually
discarded !
Get the picture ?
McCarron, true to his orientation, is using corporate seminar tools, in an
attempt to create sales people and lower level managers for " Team McCarron
Incorporated ", out of elected delegates who are suppose to represent the
rank and file who elected them.
Just another disgusting example of how LOW the once proud United Brotherhood
of Carpenters has sank. If I didn't know any better, I would say that the
national contractors association and corporate America has salted the UBC
with one of their groomed puppets.
I have a suggested book for any and all delegates going to future UBC
delegate " training ".
Its called  " ANIMAL FARM " by George Orwell.
And by the way, who did move OUR Union ?
David Johnson
Carpenters  " Union " 44
Champaign, IL

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