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Corporate Crime Rhyme
"It was the best of times and it was the worst of times"
 Working at United Airlines in a state of decline
 Question! Concessions! How did we get in this bind?
 Working overtime for what is rightfully mine.
 Kicking! Rhymes designed to expose corporate crime
Is as silly for you as it is silly for me?
 Constantly working, working constantly!
 Foolishly managed, managed foolishly!
 Working with people who won't  let us be.
 Managerial personnel clearly fail to see
Who is driving this company are they insane?
 Is UAL management playing a stupid game?
 Maneuvering "United" like it's a stunt plane!
 Making "concessions" their constant refrain!
 Cast aspersions claiming employees' the blame.
UAL Board Of Directors like the mafia
 Yearning for money they call for us
 Ruthlessly laying down the law for us
 Unfounded capital they draw from us
 Acting lawful on if we're raw enough
Organized criminal refuse to relent
 Defrauding employees of our retirement
 Is this a valid purpose of management?
 Ignoring gratuitous funds they've spent
 Creating a hostile work environment
Pressuring workers with a relentless assault
 Blaming labor for costs that's not our fault
 Managing like an egotistical street mob boss
 Could this be the source of wires that are crossed?
 The root of the problem and the cause of our loss
Drop negative propaganda like a bombardier
 Trying to scare employees, trying to rule with fear
 Outsourcing work done economically here.
 Causing "United" to stall and bring up the rear.
What's the best possible scenario for this giant of aviation?
 How do we chart a new course and correct this situation?
 Gregariously defying extortion in massive demonstrations!
 Making our exploitation known to the masses and the nation
 Calling Congressional Lawmakers for a thorough investigation
Competition should be the focus of this organization
 Not depriving its employees of our compensation
 Would it not be better to facilitate cooperation?
 To lead by example and generate motivation
This trifling train of "concessions" is ours to derail
 Let the voice of conscious reason, not reason prevail
 Let us stand on our convictions and give management hell
 Let's bring a fitting and proper end to this tragic tail
 Let our retirement be peaceful and let our living be well.
E. L. Surles, SFOPK
 Dedicated to: AFA Union, our friends who refuse to give in!
 Postscript: Free Your mind and Your Assets Will Follow!
June 25, 2002

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