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Inside UFCW 588
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005
From: xumalee@softcom.net

To Mr. Doug Slayton, and Members of Local 588

JACK LOVEALL DID NOT run for office when he first become
President of Local 588.  I had never heard of him before.
We had just elected Wynn Plank President and all of a
sudden we had Jack Loveall.  Many of us questioned
what happened to Wynn (A very good president by the way).

You think this contract is bad for you, it is really bad for
retirees.  I received a letter from Mr. Loveall telling me 
that I should be greatful that I have anything at all because 
my benefits cost Save Mart $900.00 per month.  I went back
over my last 5 years of medical bills paid by the UFCW,
they did not pay $900.00 per year. So either Save Mart is
being ripped off or the retirees are.  I now have to pay 
insurance premiums of $75.00 per month, I receive a retirement 
of $386.00 per month, doesn't leave much to eat on does it.

UFCW medical benefits paid $10.16 for each of my doctor
visits and $20.02 for a mamogram less than $16.00 per
each prescription.  Medicare pays the rest.

I live across the street from a worker of a warehouse the
UFCW has been trying to unionize when I show him my
benefits he laughed and said "If that is what the UFCW has
to offer they will never join the UFCW.

I had until I received notice of my new benefits had been
fighting Wal Mart Super Centers,  My pension is vested and
cannot be taken away,  and the union just fixed it so that
they will never have to pay for any medical for me any more
so guess I will just stay home and let Wal Mart do whatever
it wants.

I certainly had a lot more time to fight than the workers have
but Jack Loveall just told us to go to hell.


Malma M. Nicholson
20 year Save Mart retiree

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