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Forum On Mergers, Labor Power, Union Democracy And the Future of the SEIU

Saturday May 26, 2007 2:00 PM
New College Cultural Center
766 Valencia St/19th St.
San Francisco, California

Hundreds of thousands of SEIU members in California have recently had their locals merged.

Why did this happen and what are the results of these mergers will be part of the discussion at this forum. We will also have speakers about the growing debate about where SEIU president Andy Stern is taking the SEIU nationally. Speakers will include members from locals in Northern and Southern California.

The SEIU helped support the formation of the new union grouping Change To Win CTW which left the AFL-CIO and the leadership of the SEIU has said that the labor movement has to revitalize and break from the methods of the AFL-CIO. What is this new direction and where is it going is a question vital to not only SEIU members but all trade unionists.

$5 Donation Reqested (no one turned away from lack of funds)

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San Francisco, CA 94172

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