Defend Freedom Of Speech/
Freedom Of Association &
The Right To Organize!

Saturday June 14, 2003 7:00PM
San Francisco Unitarian Church-Macondray Hall
Geary and Franklin, San Francisco (Free)

  • Fired SF Chronicle Reporter and CWA TNG-Northern CA Media Workers Guild Member Henry Norr
  • ILWU Business Agent Jack Heyman
  • AFGE 3899 President Louis Garcia
  • Fired IFPTE Local 21 Oakland Worker Shahram Aghamir
  • Delegation of Berkeley Bowl UFCW organizing members On Saturday June 14, 2003 at 7:30 PM at the San Francisco Unitarian Church at Geary and Franklin there will be a forum/rally to defend the right to free speech and the right to organize. Fired SF Chronicle reporter Henry Norr will report on his firing the struggle to defend his free speech at the SF Chronicle. Also Jack Heyman ILWU Business Agent will report on his arrest on the docks at Oakland and the ongoing attacks on anti-war protesters and the ILWU. Unionizing Berkeley Bowl workers will also speak. Louis Garcia, Pres. of AFGE 3899 will report on the campaign against privatization and union busting by the federal government. Also fired IFPTE Local 21 Oakland city worker Shahram Aghamir will talk about his union busting and discriminatory firing and plans to get his job back. We will also have a video from the case of Gary McClain. Gary a IUOE supporter was struggling for a union at the Tenneco Packaging plant in South Carolina. ABC 20/20 did a story on his case yet he is still unemployed and under attack.  Only broad solidarity of all working people can challenge these frontal attacks on our basic rights. Sponsored by Campaign Against Taft-Hartley, Repression and Privatization P.O. Box 15086 San Francisco, CA  (415)786-7530/(415)282-1908 The Campaign Against Taft-Hartley, Repression and Privatization came out of the first national conference against the Taft-Hartley & Repression on Dec. 7, 2002 in San Francisco For More Information Go To

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