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Another employee's feelings...

Please find below the Pulsecheck comments of a disgruntled co-worker. It is being distributed with permission as an example of his feelings about the TELUS workplace..... (one person's opinon, shared openly and honestly with permission)


My pulse check comments block: (feel free to share, anonymous please) after a steady stream of disagree, no, poor, strongly disagree, yada yada yada...

"I left a good full-time job working for a wireless international communications company to come work for TELUS because I thought I saw a promise of a bright future. I used to really like working for TELUS. I enjoyed coming to work and putting in a solid day's work. Now I'm stuck in a veal fattening pen waiting for the day when my access card won't open the door and we're forced out onto the street. Now I hide my badges and never wear a TELUS logo for fear of repercussions from angry customers. I am stuck at a desk all day long doing a job that I was surplussed into where I am not productive and I don't receive proper training. Before I come into work I check the "help wanted" ads to try and find another job and I ALWAYS look for new postings just so that I can "get the hell out" of this pathetic mess I've landed in. My manager hides (nay, cowers in fear) in a cubicle and doesn't manage his team properly. He's completely lost control. All of this goes on while the company attempts to emasculate the union... regularly slapping the face of an already stressed out and disenchanted work force... by appealing any decisions by the CIRB. TELUS has completely lost touch with both the customer and the workforce. I suppose if you have no customers then you have no service complaints. It's time to buck up and sign a contract now. 1249 days without a contract is completely insane. How long is TELUS going to keep playing the shell game in court? You want a quality work force? Treat them with respect and dignity. Pay them a respectable wage. Offer them better benefits and more flexible schedules. Eliminate panoptical management. Eliminate pulse check surveys. Eliminate spying. Eliminate "days in the park" for mistakes that should have been an opportunity to learn. Become more flexible in regards to what constitutes low service usage work times. Eliminate an implied expectation that members will overtime. Get rid of meritocratic programs like Team Machine and variable pay and give us true rewards: Job security, wages and benefits. And... Above all, it's time for a contract. Now. Stop screwing around and tap-dancing and get back to the table like adults."

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