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Post Hotevilla Economics
Dear Labornet,

I AM AN ACTIVIST AND I would like you to know that the Hopi have 
prophesied WWIII in their book Hotevilla by Thomas Mails and Dan 
Evehema. Based on my understanding of United States international 
policy toward the developing world I think this is fait accompli.  The 
United States/Europe/Japan have exploited the environmental and human 
rights of 3 billion people in many ways, including war every 2 years; 
wage slavery of the masses; removal of native people from their land; 
ecological racism; and brainwashing through the Churches; arms and 
drug running; overt/covert/proxy wars; to name a few things.  The i
nteresting thing about the book Hotevilla is that it frames this disaster 
with a beginning, a middle and an end.  The end, of course, is WWIII.  
The massacre at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 was a warning 
shot, and foreshadows similar violence to come from developing world 
people and nations.  I think WWIII is imminent and a direct reaction 
to United States economic and military fascism? taking over the world 
for US/Trilateral use.  Please read Hotevilla for more.  I wrote a book 
review on this subject.  See also: 

It is essential to change the economy so that a) we work in harmony 
with the environment b) the economy serves to help consumers to 
the greatest degree possible, high consumer utility (this is what profit 
should be derived from) and c) that we who work in the economy are 
supported to self-actualize to the greatest degree possible in service 
to humanity with reasonable pay, normal working hours and healthcare.  
These are now global needs for every worker, 2-3 billion people.

The Body Shop and hundreds of other businesses on the Left have acted 
to strive to work in harmony with the environment.  They should be 
supported and emulated.  Industries that harm the environment, anywhere 
in the world, need to make adjustments for a future on Earth that includes 
a clean environment.  

The healthcare industries worldwide set a precedent for helping others 
to the greatest degree possible, and 'profit' should always be derived 
from the degree and breadth to which we help others.  This is distinct 
from a profit-oriented market based on what the market will bear. 
 The automobile industry illustrates an industry that has sought to 
squeeze every dollar possible from the consumer while polluting the 
environment unnecessarily, and actually serves people in the smallest 
degree possible.  

Finally, trade schools and colleges have sought to support the self-
actualization of the worker.  This has been good, but we need to assess 
and reassess (via surveys and studies) students' interests while in school, 
and seek constantly to apply those interests in a way that will serve 
to help consumers to the greatest need possible.  We need to make sure 
that workers are self-actualizing in the process of helping consumers 
to the greatest degree possible. 

Liberal arts often serves to support self-actualization without 
demonstrating how that serves others.  Business school often 
teaches students how to work in the economy without self-
actualizing.  Both serve to lead to mid-life crisis in the US. 
Worldwide this ineffective and badly run economy leads to 
sweatshops worldwide.  We must combine worker self-actualization 
with consumer utility.  This is a changing and ongoing problem that 
we need to address as we employ a sizable portion of the Earth's people.

Duplication of goods and services needs to be re-examined.  I 
suggest that competition exist in classrooms and via the internet 
in a way that is designed to promote the best products and services.  
Test markets can vote for the best products and services, and we 
can have fewer products on the open market.  Capitalism is taking 
over the world environment, and we need to slim down.  We cannot 
afford to duplicate goods and services in the open market.  In 
addition, businesses should be given the incentive to become more 
efficient and to be simpler and more effective for the consumer. 

Cooperation needs to be an aspect of businesses in the future, as 
the world economy brings us all together.  Predatory competition 
is brutal and needs to be regulated against in all levels of business.  
Anyone that wants to work should be encouraged to do so and 
the market needs to reflect the needs of the worker as well as the 
consumer and management.

Socialism has a bad name in America, largely out of fear of 
Communist countries like China.  There is an immense value, 
however, in supporting a self-sustained socialist economy for 
the 1/5 of the population that needs it.  That means that anyone 
that would like to work a normal workweek performing a socialist 
function, i.e. work in medicine, agriculture, transportation, 
education, etc, should have the opportunity to do so with a system 
in place to support self-sustained socialism. 

Socialism is meant to provide a system whereby a person can 
obtain basic needs like food, shelter, medicine, transportation, 
education, etc.  In any given population roughly 1/5 of the 
population can benefit from socialism, and I think we need 
to have a worldwide self-sustained system to support these needs. 
In addition, socialism needs to complement capitalism... if a person 
wants to move out of the socialist system and engage in capitalism, 
he or she should be supported by the system to do this.  Likewise, 
anyone wishing to get out of capitalism and simply support oneself, 
s/he should be allowed to participate freely in the socialist system. 
We need to care for ourselves as best we can.

Native life is a vastly underrated and undervalued aspect of 
existence.  Native life is important for many reasons... for 
attainment of wisdom, for cleansing the body spiritually, for 
communing with nature, for enjoying the roots of community, 
for understanding spirituality and simply for just enjoying life 
to the fullest.  Native life must be protected worldwide, and 
every capitalist and/or socialist occasionally needs a respite 
from the 'systems' that we have placed on ourselves.  Taking a 
walkabout in the outback of wherever you are is a very, very 
important process for personal development, and it can be a 
lifelong journey for many.  Psychedelic drugs, rites of passage, 
ritual, meditation, ethnobotany and other aspects of native life 
are important for our development as human beings.  Finally,
 native life provides basic clues about healthy economies. 
Native people work hard at pleasing one another with goods 
and services and often give freely from themselves for the 
love and benefit of others.  This is the basis of capitalism and 
socialism and should always be preserved and learned from.

Lastly, I created a web portal for developing world poverty 
relief, human rights and peace at:


This site was designed to help developing world Non 
Governmental Organizations get aid that they need for a 
myriad of issues.  Please feel free to review this portal and 
share it appropriately with developing world partners for 
the benefit of those most in need.

In Hotevilla by Thomas Mails and Dan Evehema the Hopi 
have prophesied WWIII.  Adjustments to the economy that 
serve to help people worldwide and maintain a clean 
environment are necessary for the prevention of WWIII.  
Every little step toward helping developing world people 
and our world environment will be returned by two steps 
away from WWIII.

Please consider what I have said, and what most people feel 
in the world today.  WWIII is no great surprise when you 
examine the pain and frustration that 2-3 billion people feel 
worldwide in working with this outmoded economy.  And 
we all experience a declining environment.  We are in real 
trouble, and I implore you to help. 

Seth Leonard, activist, shleonard@gmail.com
1757 Ginger Lane
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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