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Do We Need The US-Korea Free Trade Agreement After NAFTA?
San Francisco Regional Educational Conference & Video Screening

Saturday June 9, 2007 1:00 PM  4:00 PM (free)
ILWU Local 34
5 Berry St. (on left side of Pacbell Park)
San Francisco

THE BUSH administration with the support of the senior Democratic  party
leaders in Congress is now supporting new fast track agreements with Panama,
Peru, Columbia and South Korea. The agreement with South Korea will be the
largest  FTA since NAFTA. This agreement will have a major affect on jobs,
outsourcing and also internet rights allowing the government to shut down
web blogs and internet providers. It will also further expand the
de-regulation and privatization in both  economies. Many trade unionists,
farmers and other activists are presently jailed in Korea for organizing
opposition to these devastating economic policies. Join union leaders from
South Korea, US  trade unionists, educators, human rights activists and
others on June 9th at 1:00 PM at ILWU Local 34. This meeting will provide
the background on this agreement, who this FTA will benefit and who will it

Initial List of Speakers:
Young Koo Heo, VP of Korean Confederation Of Trade Unions KCTU
Chuck Mack, International Vice President Teamster Union, President IBT Local
Jeff Vogt, Global Economic Specialist AFL-CIO
Tim Paulson, Secretary /Treasurer San Francisco Labor Council

Endorsed by
San Francisco Labor Council. San Mateo Central Labor Council, San Mateo
Building and Construction Trades
California Coalition for Fair Trade and Human Rights
Labor Video Project
Korean Americans United  For  Peace
Korean-Americans for Trade
Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
Korean Americans Against War and Neoliberalism (KAWAN)* and the Korean
Alliance Against  the  Korus  FTA (KoA

For more information please contact
(415)282-1908 lvpsf@labornet.igc.org

Background material
Full text of Korea US FTA

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